These are several rules, which will help you in a pious work of children upbringing.

Rule 1

You should never come home being too hungry
Pangs of hunger, especially after a hard working day, can make anyone irritable and impatient. So before you leave work, try to snack something or at least drink a cup of sweet tea. You will become more complacent and stand a burst of your offspring’s elation from a long-awaited meeting with you easier.

Rule 2

Don’t overdo on work
As a result of excessive physical and mental load a level of hormone adrenalin increases in blood, this causes a heartthrob, heightened arterial pressure and, as a result, bad health and irritability. Coming home in such state, you will definitely splash out all your negative emotions on your child.
A child will hardly understand a true reason of your irritation. But he will have a feeling, that even his closest person doesn’t need him. So try not to overdo on your work, and , when you come home, forget about your problems for a while.

Rule 3

Don’t say words or even hints, which can make your child think that your work is more important for you, than him
A child should be assured that he’s the most important person in the world for you, that your work can be very necessary and interesting for you, but your heart belongs to a child. You like your work, and you love your child. Set out the priorities the right way.

Rule 4

Communication with a child should be priority for parents
This rule concerns women especially. How do you think, which opinion should have a person, whom you explain that communication with him is nothing comparing with cooking a meal?
Unfortunately, we often have to see how children are impressed that they should not pester with a mom, when she’s busy with the “most important” thing – scaling fish or peeling vegetables, and if she’s baking, then a child should forget she exists on this earth at all.

Rule 5

A child should be an equal partner
Don’t discriminate a child, charging him with the dirtiest work at home. Why a child should take out a garbage can? Because you are in command.

Rule 6

Don’t assert yourself owing to your child
You’re an adult person, and you know and can more only due to this reason. You wash dishes and play computer games better. But if you want your child to be self-confident unlike many other modern children, then try to behave the way he could feel he’s skilled and bright while communicating with him.

Rule 7

Work should be a source of funds for your family’s comfort existence and no more
If work is a sense of your whole life, then it would be more honest not to start a family at all. But if you still have a baby in your family, he should feel he’s much more important for you, than any work can be.
When you organize your combined rest, consider interests of all family members. Don’t do a favor to your child, going to the zoo acidly.
Appearance of a baby in your family – is your own decision, not his, and you will have to take responsibility. Let combined rest bring joy to a child. Plan your home matters the way your communication with a child would be foremost (may be you can even reduce them).

Rule 8

Be an attentive listener
While communicating with a child, consider his words, pay attention to his intonations, a child should feel his words are important for you.
Don’t value your child’s actions, but try to understand him. This way a base of mutual trust between parents and children is laid. As you are busy on your work, besides you also have home matters, every day you should find time for a full-value communication with your child. Value of communication is measured not by quantity of time you spend together, but by its qualitative characteristics, which are expressed in attention, respect, understanding.

Rule 9

Don’t be afraid to consult your child
Tell a child about your work, share your thoughts and feelings with him. Show him what it means to be open, don’t be afraid to tell a child about your weak points and problems, explain him that you trust him and count on his support.
It will be even better, if you ask your child for suggestions and listen to his words. This way you’ll teach him formulating and expressing his opinion.

Rule 10

Don’t reproach a child with money
On no account make any statements and even hints about a child’s material dependence from you. Yes, your child doesn’t earn money yet, but he has plenty of time. And who knows, may be this situation will change and some time in your old age you’ll be materially dependent on him. Don’t set precedents – and then you won’t have to blush in your old age.

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