How To Start Potty Training

The birth of a youngster is one of the happiest minutes in a couple’s life. As everybody understands, when the kid is young the problems are not really serious and difficult to fix whereas they get more difficult to handle and more major in time. Yet when the time comes for a youngster to offer up diapers and learn to utilize the bathroom or the toilet, many of the moms and dads experience a real headache. Many moms and dads do not know specifically what and exactly how to do things in this circumstance which is why they require potty training suggestions and support.

Some more lucky moms and dads do not need potty training advice regarding their kids using the potty comes normally and they do not withstand the using of the potty or toilet. Others, unfortunately, experience an ordeal that can not be managed without some, a minimum of, potty training guidance. This post is committed to those who could use some toilet training guidance.

Where can moms and dads find bathroom training insight? Well there are specialized people like pediatricians and psychologists who can give you bathroom training advice. You can likewise get lots of potty training insight if you just access net sites where lots of parents ask different questions about child raising and get responses from moms and dads who have been in those scenarios. Child toilet training is one of the subjects that is very regularly talked about.

Apparently potty training suggestions is most often requested and supplied. Naturally there are books on toilet training and amazing products and gadgets to assist you in your attempts to have the youngster use the potty. Yet other parents’ experience appears more effective. Neighbors, buddies and relatives also have a lot of toilet training recommendations to give you.

Just ask for it.

Anyway before getting and using any bathroom training recommendations, you should first make certain that the time for bathroom training is right. If you are attempting to encourage your junior too early to do it, you will probably cause a great deal of useless stress to both the youngster and yourself. Hence, before applying any toilet training recommendations enjoy the child for indications of readiness for bathroom training. When the kid is prepared to begin bathroom training get the right toilet training suggestions.

Select the most proper pieces of potty training insight and begin fighting. During the procedure of toilet training do not forget to be tranquil and patient because you could discover out that your kid withstands the potty. If this happens, you will require all the toilet training insight you can get.

What Potty Is The Right One?

Once your child demonstrates an interest in or readiness for toilet training, it’s time to install a toilet in your house. Take your child with you to purchase his “special chair,” discuss to him exactly what it will be used for, and let him assist choose which one to purchase.

Write your child’s name on it once you have actually brought the toilet house. Encourage him to have fun with it, set it where he wants it, and surround it with his favored packed animals, books, and toys. Pride of ownership regularly facilitates a toddler’s or young child’s interest in bathroom use, and its child-friendly size allows him to please the powerful desire to “do it himself.”.

On the other hand, children who are more concentrated on acting like an older sibling might like using a stepstool to climb up onto a grownup toilet with a child’s seat connected.

It isn’t really essential to first put the potty in the washroom. While some parents have found that placing the chair in the restroom helps their child associate it quicker with the act of elimination, others have met greater success by keeping the potty in their youngster’s bedroom, where it is quickly available after a nap, or in the kitchen for use after meals. Later, when the kid has actually begun to make use of the potty with some regularity, the potty can be moved to the restroom and even changed with a youngster’s seat on an adult toilet.

Potty-Training: Which Method Works Best?

Just as everyone has a various viewpoint about when it’s finest to begin potty training, so every moms and dad you know is most likely to make use of or advise a various training approach.

You may have heard that showing toilet use for your youngster is a great way to assist him discover through imitating what he sees. Timing is also an aspect, as some parents prefer a brief, concentrated technique (possibly even taking time off from work to provide 2 weeks of “immersion training”), while others feel that their children are less pressured when enabled to adjust to toilet use slowly over lots of months.

Any of these techniques could work well with your kid. However bear in mind that it is not necessary to pick a single method in truth, your child will profit from a combination of spoken, physical, social, and other types of training no matter what his age.

Accepting and adjusting to your child’s personal style can make toilet training a much less stressful experience than you could have pregnant. You may also discover yourself learning more about your youngster in a way you didn’t before appreciating his unique qualities, becoming acquainted with his arising interests, and respecting him as a distinct, fascinating person.

potty training tips

When is the best time to start?
Usually when your youngster is 2 years of ages or a little older. This is when they are more mindful and can understand directions easier.

Also ensure there is absolutely nothing significant going on in your lives like a new infant, starting nursery, moving home etc, as this can be sidetracking and stressful to your youngster.

Where do i begin?

The most basic way to try things out is let your child do their normal activities around your house without any nappy on.

With them being made use of to having a nappy on all the time, they will become aware that nothing exists and hopefully inform you when they need to go to the toilet.

If you see them holding themselves or looking irritable, then you may desire to take them over to the potty and sit them down on it, stating a word they recognize for needing the toilet, so they understand why they are sitting on there.

It worked – exactly what now?

Ensure you always praise your kid for doing so well verbally, and/or by providing them a small treat like a piece of fruit.

It didn’t work … Be patient. Youngsters are all various. Simply since a relative or good friend’s kid is doing it at the very same age, it’s not something that is set in stone for all. In some cases kids cant grasp the potty up until about 2 and half or older.

The majority of notably don’t get upset at your child or penalize them if they make a mess. This will just connect temper and feeling adverse towards the whole thing.

Stay clear of:

Training nappy trousers. These will puzzle your youngster, as they will think they still have a nappy on. When they advance more on the potty and learned when to use it on their own you can introduce it then as something they can do themselves on their own.

Also if your teaching a child it’s simpler for you and them to assist them to sit on the bathroom first instead of stand, then they can advance to standing gradually.

How To Make Your Own Water Bottle Holder

You need to drink enough water throughout the day in order to be healthy. But, when you move out of the house, do you always carry a water bottle along with you? Certainly not, the main reason for this is that you do not want to carry a bag just for keeping the water bottle inside it. Well, there is a solution to this problem – the water bottle holders. You can get one of these water bottle holders and carry water with you anywhere and everywhere. A good part of the water bottle holder is that they come in a variety of styles and hence, you are free to choose your own style.

Various Styles of Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder for Every Girl: There are some girls who like to have a water bottle with them, but they don’t want to carry a big bag with them all the time. In addition to that they might want to carry small stuffs such as a lip-gloss or liner with them. For these kinds of girls, the water bottle holder with a single strap and a little pocket on the strap itself would be the best option.

Simple Strap Water Bottle Holder: If you just want a water bottle holder for the sake of it and you do not want to see any other benefits of it, you can go for the water bottle holder with nothing but a simple strap attached to it. It is available in a variety of colors and hence, you are free to pick your favorite one. There is a stripe in the center of the Water Bottle Holder and the strap given with it also matches that center stripe.

Quick Water Bottle Holder: If you are planning to go out on a picnic to some party spot, a quick water bottle holder would be a nice option for you as this water bottle holder comes with a G-hook. With the help of this hook, you would be able to hang the water bottle holder to any hook that you see. So, while sitting in the bus or the back seat of the car, you would be able to hang it on the front seat. Also, you can hand it behind the doors or just about anywhere.

Two Strands Water Bottle Holder: As the name of this water bottle holder suggests, there are two separate straps attached to this water bottle holder and you can thus use this one to hold the sturdiest of the water bottles too. Also, it would be a nice option when you are carrying a hot beverage in the bottle and you cannot just hang it on your shoulder.

Whichever water bottle holder you choose, just make sure that it suits your requirements and you need not face any problem while holding it.

Make Your Own Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle would help you to keep your beverages hot or cold the way you like it. However, you might not get the perfect water bottle holder for your water bottle on the market. In such a case, a nice option would be to make the water bottle holder for yourself at home. You would need a couple of things and if you have some of them available at home already, you would get a water bottle holder for free. Check out this tutorial to understand how you can make a Water Bottle Holder at home:

Trace the Pattern and Measure it correctly
Not all the water bottles are similar in shape. While some are straight, some others might curve inwards. And, there are some others that might curve outwards. So, you need to be sure about the pattern of your water bottle and you need to make the correct measurements as per that. Do not forget to note down the height and the width of the water bottle. Also, keep the water bottle holder somewhat bigger than the bottle itself so that the bottle could fit into it easily. Trace the bottom circle of the water bottle perfectly and measure the diameter and everything with perfect scales.

Cut out the Fabric
Water-Bottle-HolderWe hope that you have already bought the fabric that you need to use while stitching the water bottle holder. And, since it is a water bottle holder and not a water bottle cover, make sure that you already some extra fabric available to you. Start cutting the fabric once you are ready. A good thing would be to cut the bottom first. Have a pair of each of the bottom and of the pattern. Also, cut the strap that you would like to attach to the bottle. Make sure to keep it wide so that it does not get torn easily.

Start Stitching
Once you have collected the cut pieces of the water bottle holder, the next step is to start stitching them so that you can end up with a fabulous water bottle holder. Make sure that you keep at least 0.25 inches of cloth in stitching from the edge and stitch it from the reverse side. If you are a regular housewife working with these kind of stitching jobs, this task would be pretty easy for you. Once you have stitched the pattern, then you come to the bottom part of the water bottle holder, which would be completed by the circle that you cut in the previous step. Join the circle to the pattern of the Water Bottle Holder and start stitching them. If you are unable to do it with a machine, it would be a nice idea to complete the job with your own hands.

Make the Lining
You are almost done with the water bottle holder. But, wouldn’t you like it to look beautiful, so that when others would look at the water bottle holder, you can proudly tell them that you have made it yourself. Well, for that, you have to implement some extra effort. A nice option would be to add lining to the holder. You can create a lining of any suitable color you like. Make sure that the lining is at least 0.25 inch from the edge. Create it both on the pattern as well as on the bottom circle.

Stitch the Strap
The last step would be to stitch the strap of the water bottle holder as without the strap, you would not be able to hold the water bottle and it would be of no use then. If you want to stuff the strap with something, you can either use cotton fiber or you can use some waste cloth to place it in between the sides of the fabric. Again, make sure that you stitch it on the wrong sides. Once the strap is ready, then you would have to attach it to the water bottle holder. You can just place it over the edges of the pattern and make a stitch or two over it.

Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Becoming a mother is a very precious moment for any woman, especially if it is her first time. There are many emotional and personal changes made by a woman during this special moment in her life. Because of this, a husband must make every effort to accommodate and support his wife to further guarantee the healthy and proper development of the bundle of joy growing inside her womb. Finding possible gifts for expecting mothers is also an important job for the father-to-be.

Keep her happy at all costs

As a fact, women during their pregnancy stages may undergo some behavioral changes. Some women can become a bit grumpy or blow small situations out of proportion. So, it is important for the soon to be father, close friends and family members to neglect those behavioral changes and try to make her happy, no matter what. So, what can be done to make her happy? Well the answer to that question is very simple, give a good gift. Getting gifts for expecting mothers is the oldest technique in the book to please a pregnant woman and it still works like magic. It is without a doubt the best method of making the expecting lady cheerful during the most important phase of her life.

Give from the heart

So, what are the possible options for Gifts For Expecting Mothers? Well, the possibilities are endless, but the most important thing to remember is to give her something that is meaningful and heartfelt. Whether you are able to purchase the future mother something big or small, it is important that she knows the gift is given with love and thoughtfulness. The best gifts are those that let the someone know that they are cared for and special.

Here is a list of some of the popular gifts for expecting mothers

Hair and cosmetic products – During pregnancy, women gain weight and often feel that their beauty is fading. Most people, men in particular, do not realize that they are feeling this way. Women are very sensitive about their looks and appearances, even during their pregnancy. So, giving a woman beauty products may not be the first gift you may think of, but it is definitely something they want and will use.

Various pregnancy books – Another option of Gifts For Expecting Mothers are books dealing with baby information. They can give inspiration and information about the numerous developmental stages and also contain various photos about what the baby may look like inside the womb. In addition to informational books, baby name books are incredibly popular and useful for a soon to be mother.

Comfortable sleeping aids – You can also give comfortable and soft maternity pillows as a gifts for expecting mothers. Pillows that assist and support the belly and the back is something that every pregnant woman really appreciates, particularly in later stages of pregnancy. These pillows are available in all shapes and designs. Along with these pillows one can also give those sleeping wraps with which they can wrap their entire body. A mother to be will definitely appreciate anything that brings comfort and sleep while she can get it!

Organic Bath Soap – Organic bath soaps are useful to relax the muscles and body cells. When women become expecting mother, they experience a sudden hormonal change and thus they feel stressed. Bathing with the organic special soaps will help them to get relaxed.

Stylish maternity wear – Following a similar concept to beauty products, clothing can lift the spirits of an expecting mother and remind her that she is still a woman and a mother. Now-a-days maternity clothing is much more stylish then it used to be. There are many top brands such as FOURTH Love, a T-Shirt company based in NYC. Having these recognizable brands of clothing are excellent, as they allow a pregnant woman to look and feel confident and fashionable. They can wear them during the pregnancy and for a short time after the delivery.

Set up various prenatal classes – Pregnant women, especially first timers, have loads of questions in their minds about the arrival of their new baby and about how to become a good parent. These questions tend to elevate their tension and also make them nervous. So, to make them feel ok, arrange some prenatal classes and attend it with them. This will surely sort out their issues, calm down the nerves and also provide a bonding experience for the two of you.

Footwear – When pregnant, a woman cannot walk like the other people. She walks slowly. Her shoes should also be suitable for the walk. Usually the flat shoes or sandals are perfect during this period. So, you can buy her suitable footwear on the occasion.

Constipation in Toddlers – Causes and Treatment

Constipation is uncomfortable and painful to adults, what more to toddlers? If you’re a mom, it’s hard to see your kid go through that condition. Constipation among babies is very common problem that effect one out every 4 kids. It has also been recognised as being amongst the most common infant digestive problem reported by parents. Constipation in toddlers can be treated naturally.

Constipation in toddlers prevents regular bowel movement. This leaves toddlers feel bloated and suffer from stomach pain. Stool is hard and dry which makes it hard for toddlers to pass. Constipation can be caused by several things such as lack of fiber and liquid intake, too much intake of foods that can cause constipation or by force of habit. Laxatives, which can be bought from drugstores even without prescription can help treat toddlers’ constipation. However, since their system is not as strong as adults, these may be too strong for them. It’s best to try treating constipation the natural way first to prevent any side effects on the child. Since this condition is usually caused by low fiber in their diet, give them foods that are high in fiber such as grapes, apples, apricots, pears, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, whole wheat pasta and raisins. Let them take more liquids like water and fruit juices. Foods high in fiber aid in proper digestion thus preventing constipation.

Some foods may cause constipation if kids eat too much of these. Milk can be one of these. Though milk is recommended to be taken by kids for stronger bones and teeth, if it causes constipation, cut the amount that your kids take each day. Other foods that can also cause constipation are bananas, cheese, yogurt, carrots, junk foods, ice cream and meat. Kids who don’t have regular bathroom schedule may also experience constipation because they may not be used to defecate regularly. Practice regular schedule of putting the kids in the bathroom so they can get used to it.

What causes constipation

If we can identify and treat kids with constipation as soon as the problem is recognised then it will easier for both you and your child. Formula fed babies are more likely to have trouble from constipation compare to those who are breastfed. As Formula can firm up poop much more than breast milk. When a baby is around six months, pediatricians often give parents the green light to offer an array of baby food. What your baby eats will largely determine the kind of poop you can expect, and many different foods could contribute to constipation. Below are the most common reason for constipation in kids.

Diet: Changes in diet, or not enough fiber or fluid in your child’s diet, can cause constipation. Formula feed not made up correctly (too concentrated with not enough water) can also cause constipation.

Illness: If your child is sick and loses his appetite, a change in his diet can throw off his system and cause him to be constipated. Some medicines may also cause constipation in children

Withholding: Your child may withhold his stool for different reasons. He may with hold to avoid pain from passing a hard stool—it can be even more painful if your child has a bad diaper rash. Your child also may withhold because he simply doesn’t want to take a break from play.

Signs and symptoms of a constipated child

Signs and symptoms may vary according to the age of the child. Infants may present with grunting baby syndrome, the clinical features of which are straining, turning red in face, grimacing, and crying. Toddlers may present with passing painful and hard stool that may be associated with bleeding per rectum secondary to a small tear in the anal canal, which leads to further withholding. Parents may note that the child resists the urge to defecate by rocking back and forth on his or her toes, squeezing the buttocks together, clenching the fist and fidgeting.

Some simple steps parents can try to alleviate the problem

Leg Exercise: Lay the infant on their back and gently move their legs in a bicycle motion. This will cause the stomach muscles to move and put gentle stimulation on the infant’s intestines and hopefully make them have a bowel movement.

Warm Bath: Another way to help with infant constipation is by giving them a relaxing bath. The relaxation may help their stool pass more easily. During or after the bath, try gently massaging the tummy.

Abdominal Massage: This should only be taught to parents by a qualified health professional
Fruit juice/puree: Depending on the age of the baby – dilute fruit juice containing sorbitol – such as apple or pear can be given.

Working with toddlers

Remember it is almost impossible to get their cooperation!

  • Encourage parents to increase fluid and fibre but don’t make it the focus of treatment
  • Don’t address potty training and resolving constipation at the same time.
  • Allow ‘poo nappies’. If the child insists on using a nappy to poo then allow them to use a nappy but it must be only in the bathroom/toilet area. Then encourage sitting on the toilet/potty with nappy on, eventually working on removing the nappy completely
  • If simple interventions and dietary/fluid adjustment alone fail to resolve the problem of constipation then laxatives will need to be considered

Choosing The Right Activity Table For Your Kids

Nowadays kids activity table especially for school’s classrooms has become quite popular. The concept of simple desk was evolved in early century. Now all the schools are using the activity table as an addition to their desks. The activity table for kids in schools is mainly used for activity and art purposes. They are used for making arts and crafts, at playtime and for the science projects.

Before getting the activity table for the children you must consider the factors related to it. There are many activity tables for kids available in the market. There are some tables that are large enough for several children’s to play simultaneously. If you are going to be using the table for classroom activities, you may want to consider a large kids activity table.These kids activity tables are generally placed at any of the corner of the classroom. The table can easily attract many a great number of children to come and play simultaneously.

Learning And Fun

An activity table for a kid is for great for learning activities. As it can be the best thing to help a child learn the basic things like art & craft, coloring and writing etc. Secondly a child can easily learn the things along with having a lot of fun. On a kids activity table a child would easily be using his imagination. On the other hand a kids activity table would also be helping your child in making pals and competing with each other.

Tips To Consider When Buying Kids Table And Chairs

Activity TableKid’s chairs and tables are a great addition to every home because they are practical and create a pleasant and joyful atmosphere. Buying children’s furniture may seem like a difficult task and you need to think about several factors. However, with just a little research it is not hard to get the best furniture that suits your child’s needs. Here are tips to consider prior to purchasing kids table and chairs.

Before anything else, you should consider the age of your child when making the purchase. Do not buy a table that is too high for your child to reach, you should also be careful not to buy one that is too low as this will not be good for the spine. Ensuring the table is of the right height is essential.

You should also think purposeful when buying the furniture. This means determining what the table is going to be used for. For instance, if it will be used for writing on you should not go for one with a furrowed or rutted tabletop. Equally, if it is meant for doing arts and crafts you should not go for one with a veneered finish, as it will be ruined. Note that pine absorbs ink and it stains easily, as such, it is not the right material for children’s table and chairs.

There is an array of kid’s furniture therefore, you can be rest assured that you will get a set which matches with the design of your house. Find one that is built from sturdy wood material and is easy to clean. Additionally, do not pick furniture for children that is not well made. In this case, quality should be a major consideration, it can be expensive but is safe. For that reason, even if you may save some cash on a poor quality set do not buy it. The safety of your kid is more important and you are better off going for quality items as they last longer.

Note that you can purchase the set of chairs and tables alone or a complete collection, which aside from the table and chairs includes a step up, rocking chair, among others. This will help you save a lot rather than purchasing all the items separately. This is a good way of saving whilst not compromising on quality.

One should also find the best deal. For instance, if shopping online, it is good to visit different stores prior to making the purchase. This is because the prices may differ in these stores and checking the price of the product in at least three stores can help one find the best price offer.

Another important consideration is the space available. You find that there are various models of plastic furniture present in the market today, which you can fold and keep aside when they are not being used. This is the best option for those with limited space in the house. Ensure you purchase a set, which you like, and one that makes your baby feel good, cheerful and happy. A kids table and chairs set is an essential item in every household and should be budgeted for. With these tips, it will be easier to find the best.

Best Educational Toys For Toddlers in UK

A child’s brain can be compared to a sponge that absorbs everything that surrounds it. It is just waiting to be packed with as much knowledge as it can absorb, and it is up to parents to fill it up with all the information it is asking for. One way to do this is providing educational toys for toddlers. There are a lot of toys out there that can provide children of this age with knowledge on shapes, colors, and other things to help in their proper development.

When choosing educational toys for toddlers, pick those that can teach them to build up their skills in reading and writing, as well as enhance their motor skills and promote emotional growth. A very important factor that is needed for reading is being able to distinguish between the different shapes and forms, specifically letters for reading. Educational toys for toddlers that focus on this are puzzles. You can begin with 2 to 3 piece puzzles, and add on fit-in and form and shape puzzles as well. To develop writing skill, simple construction toys can improve hand and finger dexterity. Some educational toys that can do that include crayons, wooden and construction building blocks, strings of big beads, pegs and pegboards, and interlocking blocks.

Educational toys for toddlers that facilitate emotional growth come in a wide selection. Fantasy toys are great for this purpose, such as dolls, teddy bears and other stuffed toys, farm toy animals, and human figures are just a few you can choose from. Toddlers must also be given toys to improve on two of the most basic skills, namely the gross motor skills, which allows them to move around well, and the eye and hand coordination. Some of the recommended educational toys you can use are wagons, scooters, push and pull toys, balls in bright colors, wheelbarrows, tricycles, and bikes, among others. By giving your toddler educational toys to play with, you are also providing him with the best opportunities to grow up healthy, both emotionally and physically.

Top 5 Education Toys in UK 2019

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The “LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set” is a fantastic way to help teach your little one letters, sounds, and words. It is fun to activate, colorful and visually appealing, the singing voice helps reinforce the letter’s sound, and the compact bus – measuring about 5” X 5” X 1 ½” – does not dominate your refrigerator display space. The bus and letters are sturdy enough to survive accidental dropping multiple times. When placed in the bus window, the letter sound is spoken clearly giving the letter name and sound, then you press again to hear a sentence using a word beginning with that sound. The voice is pleasant and the accent is English thank goodness! Pressing the music notes on the bus gives you the alphabet song and a quick rendition of The Wheels on the Bus.

Children ages 2 and older can explore letter names, letter sounds and early vocabulary as they place interactive letters into the bright yellow bus. Children can also sing and dance along to three learning songs while building important skills for reading. The Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set is a brilliant and fun educational toy that would really help your young child with letter and word sounds and also letter recognition.
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Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Play Gym

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Play Gym

Fisher Price products is one of the best brands for baby toys and products and that is that they are always cleverly thought out, of a beautiful design, durable, entertaining, educational, encourage baby to develop and are always high quality just to name a few. This activity center from Fisher Price features lights, sounds and music to stimulate your toddler’s senses and help your bundle of joy develop fine motor skills, balance and coordination. The convertible play gym is designed to “grow” with your child, meaning babies can start by lying on the machine-washable padded mat, before graduating to sitting down and playing, and finally standing at the activity center.

The gym has three grow with baby modes; Stage 1 which is where it is the traditional type of baby gym and baby lies underneath the toy bar on the mat. Stage 2 which is where some other gyms we have had in the past also cross over into and this is were baby can sit and play. Stage 3 which is where baby can stand and play.
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Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

Incorporate a kid-friendly laptop into pretend play while allowing your child to explore the alphabet, pretend play, music, animals and computer literacy with six learning activity stations. This kid-tough device allows parents to personalize play and connect to The LeapFrog Learning Path online to see what their child has been learning. The ‘abc’ button teaches the alphabet (your child pushes a letter button and the letter, the phonic, and a word is said); the ‘games’ button teaches animals (your child has to guess which animal is being revealed on the screen by pushing the letter button that starts with the word); the music button has songs, and you can listen to individual notes by pushing individual letter buttons. In ‘message’ mode children can pretend to send and receives emails with scout
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Vtech My First Word Book

Vtech My First Word Book

My First Word Book from Vtech features 12 incredibly detailed and touch sensitive pages that help teach your baby over 100 words in six categories: Your home, Food, Clothes, Toys, The Park and the Zoo. It has four models of play including: What’s That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time and Find It. The toy book is great in helping the toddlers develop fine motor skills and enlarge vocabulary while they are having fun. This educational toy also includes a Find It mode that asks questions about what has already been learnt so encouraging repetition and independent play. 12 interactive pages come to life at the touch of a finger! Durable plastic pages are wipe clean and non-rip so baby can play again and again.
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LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Vtech My First Word Book

This talking picnic set is designed to help kids learn about shapes, colors and manners with fun learning songs and sound effects. Toddlers can also build their motor skills with sorting, matching and stacking activties. The set includes six food items, two plates, two forks, two cups, one blanket and one basket that all help to stimulate your little learner’s imagination. Everything is made of hard plastic, except for the checked “blanket” which is like a handkerchief. The basket is packed pretty full with everything inside.

It has two modes of play; music and learning and the picnic basket responds to whichever setting you select by using the slide on the front of the picnic basket. For example in the music mode it plays several tunes such as teddy bears picnic when you lift the basket lid and in the learning mode it says phrases such as “picnic time” and “yummy apple pie, can you put the apple pie in the triangle place” along with “open” and “close” and “the biscuit is a circle can you find another circle” plus many many more phrases that are too many to list so it really is extremely interactive and educational.

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The Best Bottle Warmer in UK

Bottle warmers are used to thaw out frozen or cold milk efficiently. They can also be used as a baby food warmer. Of course you can always just heat up water in a pot and thaw your milk out in the pot of water. But that requires constantly checking and monitoring the temperature of the milk to make sure you don’t over thaw your milk. It is quite a time consuming process – usually a good 15 minutes of work. This is why the bottle warmer was invented: to give people a hands off quick solution to warming up milk or food. By using a bottle warmer you can perfectly calibrate the optimal temperature you want your milk to be in the end, all in less than 5 minutes and a few touches of a button. It is also a much safer option than microwaving the milk, which requires a lot of guesswork and leave uneven patches. This convenience is definitely worth the minimal investment in price.

Best Bottle Warmer in UK 2019

With so many styles and varieties to choose from, it might be difficult task to pick the right one for your need.
This article will help you make an informative decision on the best bottle warmer for your baby. We have tested out all of the bottle warmers available on the market and have come up with a top 3 list. Some bottle warmers also come with the feature to sterilize baby bottles for future use, so if you are also looking for the best bottle sterilizer, there are definitely products that offer both services.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

top bottle warmer in UK

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is certainly the most popular product on the market and is the best bottle warmer for its price. It is certainly one of the easiest bottle warmers to use: simply press a button and then go back to your crying baby. When the machines beeps, go back and like magic you have warm milk.

Although Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer may not be the prettiest of bottle warmers, it has all the necessary functions. Some of the features include the following: a water compartment can warm several bottles before needing to be refilled, an alarm with flashing LCD to let you know when the milk is ready, a cycle memory that remembers past heating settings for different bottle sizes, and the proper dimensions to warm standard and wide baby bottles and food containers. You get all of this for such an affordable price, which makes it the best bottle warmer for value.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer uses steam to warm the bottles. It works right out of the box and there’s no learning curve. You simply look at the table on the back of the product to find what type of bottle and the amount of fluid you have. The table gives heating times for every possible bottle configuration. You then press the up and down buttons to set the heating time and press play. The bottle warmer will count down to let you know how much remaining heating time you have left.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is such a life saver. If you heat your bottle in a hot water pot, you will have to make multiple trips to the kitchen during the night and have to consistently monitor the temperature. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is optimize to warm your bottle to the perfect temperature in less time and in a simple click on a button. We really like the fact that it is simple to use and cheap. If you want the best bottle warmer for value, we would recommend this product.

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Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer

best bottle warmer in 2016

This is a very compact bottle warmer making warming bottles easy and convenient. It’s not bulky, so it’s easy to store when not in use. It’s also easy to get access to the whole warmer to clean it in case it molds or there is minerals from water that deposits. It is large enough to fit most bottles and doesn’t have a cap so it can heat up any size bottle for babies really.

You’ll know when the bottle or food is ready by the sound alert that goes off when it has warmed to the proper temperature. Fits most bottle styles and sizes thanks to the removable insert. You can select different sized feeding bottles or baby-food jars and set the starting temperature (ambient, fridge, freezer). The display and acoustic signals allow you to easily monitor the entire warm-up cycle. It also has a timer which you can set it to normal, that takes around five minutes to heat the milk.

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Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System

The Born Free Bottle Warmer is a really nice accessory to have when you are stressing out tendering for your baby. It is the best bottle warmer for those who want a fancy gadget and are willing to pay a bit more for it. At a premium price, the Born Free Bottle Warmer offers a premium product. Most lower end bottle warmers including Dr. Brown’s have problems calibrating to the right temperature and sometimes overheat your milk. They also don’t last as long. The Born Free Bottle Warmer fixes all of these problems and has some technology inside that will auto adjust the perfect amount of water to use to heat your milk.

The Born Free Bottle Warmer is incredibly easy to fill. While some bottle warmers require you to pour the exact amount of water in each time you are warming, the Born Free system perfectly calibrates the exact amount of water needed. This way, you only need to fill the reserve tank with water once a day and the machine will automatically adjust. This saves a lot of time and headaches.

The Born Free Bottle Warmer also has fancy engineering inside to closely monitor the temperature of the water and heat settings. You simply look up your bottle type on a table imprinted on the back and dial the knob on the front to that setting. You then press a button for either room temperature or refrigerated and the machine will automatically calculate warming times.

The machine also comes with an insulated cooler and ice pack, so you can store two bottles for up to 8 hours. This is extremely useful as a portable device. You can bring this device on a trip and use it in a hotel, both as a fridge and a warmer. You can also bring this device in your baby’s room and prevent trips to the kitchen late at night.

All in all, the Born Free Bottle Warmer is a state of the art design and the best bottle warmer if you don’t mind paying a little extra. It is made of sleek modern stainless steel and will last you a lifetime. It will warm a 5 oz bottle in three minutes and a 9 oz bottle in four to six minutes

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Fireworks Crown Craft

Is your kid a little crazy and funny? This could be a great craft for them to prepare for the Fourth of July parade in your city. It is a fireworks crown that will make them stand out in the crown. This is how you can turn your little spit-fire into a true firework. It is a great craft from Disney that is simple enough for your little ones and unique enough for your older kids too!


  • Craft foam, red and white
  • Blue tape (we used plastic tape, 1 1/2 inches wide)
  • Stars Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Gold pipe cleaners
  • Tape
  • Yellow foam stars


  • Arrange 5 red and 5 white 2 1/2- by 12-inch craft foam strips side by side, alternating the colors.
  • Apply a 26-inch strip of blue tape across the panels about 1 inch from the bottom, wrapping the ends around to the back.
  • Decorate the tape with sticker stars.
  • Then cut a 1/2-inch-wide fringe in each panel starting from the top and ending just above the tape.
  • Flip over the fringed foam and position a gold pipe cleaner in the center of each of the inner 8 panels so that the lower end is about an inch below the fringe.
  • Tape them in place. Now sandwich the top of each pipe cleaner between a yellow foam star and a large sticker star.
  • When your child is ready to wear the crown, wrap it around her head, overlapping the ends and securing them with a large paper clip.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Active Review

Baby Bjorn is the name of a leading baby carrier. A lot of moms have used this product and they have loved it. Headquartered in Sweden, this highly prestigious family owned company has been creating innovative childcare products for more than half a century now. Currently, Baby Bjorn is working with an internationally famed network of pediatricians for developing products that are in line with their dedicated work philosophy, which is the creation of items that signify quality, security and style.

The Baby Bjorn carrier active offers the ultimate in terms of comfort and security in carrying your baby from one location to other. This carrier allows the mom to keep her hands absolutely free. Also, the front-positioned baby carrier provides adequate lumber support for the parent while ensuring the functioning of the baby’s breathing system. It is made of specially ordered well-ventilated, mesh fabric. Moreover, the inimitable design of the carrier allows the mom to place you’re the baby without needing any assistance from others.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Active Is Great for People with Low Back Pain

For people who complain low back pain and are hesitant to carry heavy load, the carrier’s unique lumber support system can work wonders. The extra wide, fully padded shoulder traps incorporated within the body of the carrier evenly distributes the baby’s weight over the back as well as the shoulders. As a result, you can easily carry babies who are extra heavy for extended periods of time without any fuss.

Keeps You Cool Even on a Hot Summer Day

Irrespective of whether you are out for a stroll or visiting the shopping mall on a hot summer day and are not inclined to drive, the baby carrier will keep you cool since it is constructed from a special 3-D mesh fabric that dissipates heat and moisture permanently. Needless to say, the material has been crafted specifically for this product.

The Material Is Non-Toxic Too

More than ninety percent of the materials that go into the production of Baby Bjorn are likely to come in contact with the baby’s skin. This material is the Öeko-Tex hundred Class one certified, which is a globally acknowledged standard for safety for fabrics. No materials that can be hazardous to the health are allowed all through the manufacturing process. In a way, it prevents any risk arising out of the baby’s habit of chewing anything near at hand during the teething phase.

Posture Support Recommended by the Pediatrician

The innovatively designed and pediatrician recommended posture support provided by the ergonomically designed head support of the carrier will allow you to carry the infant safely facing you. The child can face outwardly when he or she grows up and strong.

Last But Not the Least Importance

Most elaborate baby carriers pose a big problem in uninstalling, packing and storing. But here is one product in which you won’t face such a problem. That’s because the Baby Bjorn Carrier active folds neatly for easy packing and fits tidily into the storage pocket provided within the carrier.

Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

There is nothing more wonderful than preparing the nursery for your new baby. Whether you have chosen to discover the gender of your baby, you could have the place all ready for him or her once you get home from the hospital.

So what sorts of stuff do you need to create a safe haven and optimal sleep environment for your new arrival?

Well the trend for a time was to have vibrant, stimulative shades within your nursery or to have mobiles in black and white to apparently help your infant’s eyes to develop quicker.
This fads popularity has faded quite promptly as parents found out all that fashionable stuff was simple not conductive to a good nights rest!

So here’s our check list for your nursery decor plan

Ensure your child’s crib conforms to all of the guidelines for safety and that you have an excellent, stable mattress. Stick to softer pastel colors – blues, greens, pinks and yellows. Almost any color that suits you is fine, despite the fact that some, such as greens and blues, are more restful.

Make sure the actual bedding and the entire bedroom is clean and refreshing. Until your baby is at the very least a year old, a quilt or blanket ought to be for decoration only. You can purchase specially made quilt clips to hang it on your wall. Your infant’s bed should be unobstructed from covers, cushions or covers, so that his or her face is always clear at all times and there is no threat of obstructing their breathing. You might like to have a smallish foam wedge that’s placed to help keep the baby from rolling on their stomach. It’s also smart to keep stuffed animals or similar toys away from the baby’s crib till the new born’s older. In addition, you may want to buy a baby monitor to check on your baby throughout the night. Lately, some monitors actually display your child on a display screen or video, incredibly!

Make the room a pleasant one. If you use a scent, like lavender, ensure that it stays mild. Nothing overpowering. Keep it as dust-free as possible to avoid sneezing and stuffy noses. The nursery should feel like a secure and warm place that your newborn associates with restfulness and security.  Treat the nursery like you would the rest of your home; if you love modern design, go with it. Don’t feel the need to fit some old-fashioned criteria. Otherwise, your child will grow up to have terrible taste in home decor.