GERM EVASION or how to avoid those nasties

Avoid Germ Spreaders
You know that person who has watery, dull bloodshot eyes (who cares if it is just a hangover)
The red or runny nose
The slumped posture from lack of energy (if your a mum you look like this on a regular basis)
The pale colouring (but not albinos….they are pale normally)
The guy in the corner that is trying to stiffle his cough or sneeze (ok it could be hay fever but who wants to take the chance)
Did you know that When a person coughs or sneezes, they expel droplets that can travel over 3 feet.

Guide to Germ Spreaders or who to avoid

The Male Species
When a male experiences life threatening situations or chest pain we know he will blame the food he had the night before
But the first sign of a sniffle he will act if you should call life flight to fly him to the nearest hospital then to the morgue.  When he is sick with a cold he will complain loudly, act helpless as if he is dying and leave tissues everywhere for you to pick up.  No one has ever been this sick in their life.

Best thing is to avoid him as he wants you to wait on him hand and foot.  I say put him in a seperate room (or house) if possible cause he will need lots of comfort…Woe betide you when you catch his minor cold and become very ill due to being run down from looking after the baby and behave like him…he runs a mile.

The Female Species
She is easy to spot as she can’t afford to take time out to be sick so she will go on a therapeutic shopping trip and have a huge handbag this week.

It will consist of echinacea tinctures, green tea, various herbs and potions and a copy of the chemist’s latest book on “how to stay well during the flu season.”  If it is only a minor illness she will usually be seen supporting a new pair of shoes and possible even a new outfit or hairdo depending on whether she thinks she is well enough not to pass the germ onto the hair dresser as well.
Because the female species likes to look good when out in public she will not easily be recognised because we all know the magic you can do with make up and concealers.  She is a danger because she looks healthy but in reality she is quite contagious.  She has learned to suffer in silence and soldier on as the world stops without her

The Little Species…commonly called major germ spreaders
Anything under the age of five should be completely avoided as they are either sick or about to be unless they have severe GERM FREAK parents.  Its often hard to tell if one of these are ill as they usually still believe they are whirlwinds and cannot stop because they may miss something.  If one of these creatures are actually lying still either in a bed or on a couch or attached to the female species as if their life depends on it,  steer clear, it is real serious and you may never recover.

The Distinctive Sneezer
This species is commonly seen multiple sneezing, stiffling sneezes, wet sneezes that shower you or the really wet sneeze that bathes you all over.  The one that sneezes regarldess of what you get out says oh that always makes me sneeze. I’m allergic to it.  (It may be hay fever or one of its associated diseases) but what if it isn’t.  What if they are not actually allergic and have just sneezed 2000 microbes all over you.  It takes only 100 microbes to pass it

The Cougher
This species is commonly seen hacking away or have an annoying cough, the barking seal and the lets all just cough up a lung while we are at it and finally the ah hem cough.  (what is he clearing out of his throat.)

These are the main type of Dangerous germ spreaders, the ones to avoid at all costs.  Well in a perfect world anyway
Wouldn’t it be so much fun if we could hide in a bubble til all these species are eliminated?

Some of these things I have mentioned may be perfectly harmless but do you want to take the chance…I leave you with these thoughts and wonderments today

Apart from the fact a sneeze can travel over 3 feet, the droplets can remain on surfaces for up to 48 hours
The actual SARS virus can survive on plastic surfaces for 24 hours.  Think of that escalator hand rail you have just touched, the elevator button, all the grocery items in the store

When a person has a cold they transmit it to another person on the second to fourth day of infection when the nasal secretions are the highest.

Remember most GERMS hitchhike they don’t fly so wash wash wash your hands correctly.

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