Where Have All the Manners Gone? – Teaching Your Children Good Manners

In an age where the standard of social manners has sunk to an all time low and we’re surrounded by the media’s constant bombardment of bad behavior, is it really any wonder that there are so many ill-mannered children? It’s a “David vs. Goliath” scenario. We’ve got rude cartoon characters, rude movies, rude games, rude […]

Creating a Positive Environment For Your Child’s Emotional Development

Every child is a unique and special individual, but how he or she learns to react to life’s daily events is highly dependent on both what they observe in their environment and how they learn to understand and manage their own emotions. The following are suggestions to help promote positive developmental surroundings for your child: […]

6 Reasons Video Games Can Help Your Child with Studying

One of the first things you’ll hear some parents say with regard to video games is that they’re not good. In fact, with more and more children playing video games for extended periods of time these days, it can certainly be a major point of contention (and concern) for parents from all walks of life. […]