Picking up the right gift for baby or kid can be a daunting task. Everyday new toys and gadgets are created and, as a parents, we are constantly overwhelmed with the choices.  Wagon is perhaps the most basic and classic toy for kids and its beneficial in strengthening the psychomotor skills of children. A pull-along-wagon makes a great and unique gift from the parents or grand parents to their child or grandchild. These days, the wagon has come a long way and is much comfortable than we could ever imagine and are just about as practical for entire families as they are fun for kids, coming in quite handy with versatile features available for taking your kid on hikes, to the zoo or simply a fun day out. The versatile functionality of this classic outdoor toy is simply remarkable. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the best gifts you can ever give to your kids.

But choosing the best wagon in UK may not be easy. As such, we have come up with list of the top leading products we are confident your kids and the whole family will love.

Quick comparison: Best wagons for kids​ in UK 2019

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How to Choose the Best Wagon For Kids in UK

Choosing the best wagon is never going to easy since they all belong to the same category and pretty much have the same basic structure. However, there are particular elements and features that can truly separate one model from another. Here are some consideration that you should keep in mind while choosing the wagon for your child.

If your kid doesn’t like to sit quietly or you may fear he or she may fall down while the wagon is still moving, then you must consider a seat belt. A door latch and locking wheels are other great safety features.

What type of surface will you be using the kid wagon?
If you are mostly using the kid wagon on a paved surface, then classic or plastic wagons may be the best choice. Classic and Plastic wagons comes with classic steel and rubber wheels or plastic and rubber wheels that work great on paved surfaces. But if you will be using it on gravel, grass or sand surfaces than you must consider buying the wagon with inflated wheels. This type of kids wagon have larger wheels and it is easier to pull the wagons on offroad surfaces.

How much weight do you want to carry in the wagon?
If you want wagon just for pulling your kids then any wagon should work fine. But if you also want to carry some heavy loads, You should go for the all terrain wagon’s with air inflated wheels. To give you an idea of the comparison, the classic wagon carries upto 150 pounds, while All terrain wagon can carry up to 250 pounds.

Comfort: Comfort goes two ways here – are the kids comfortable while seated and are you comfortable pulling the wagon? Look for molded or padded seats and long handles so you don’t need to bend over in order to steer.

Price:  The best wagon may not be always the most expensive. Make sure you buy at the best price.

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