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Oct 27

If you can’t ‘park’ your kid’s request for roller skates, you won’t be able to cut corners for too long. You know, typical parenting problems, right? Sooner or later, you will have to reach out to your wallet. So, how do you latch on to the best roller skates for kids without being flummoxed by all the choices out there?

Gladly enough, we have done all the groundwork for you. After having the highest rate of refusal, we were able to pick ten products that were clearly better-made versions of their rivals. In our professional opinion, these roller skates are good enough to help you tick off an item from your bucket list.

Best Roller Skates For Kids in UK

#1. Rio Roller Skates Unisex Children
kids roller skatesIf you can’t remember the last time your kid was extremely happy over a present, it’s time to get him/her something non-related to computers or cell phones. The Rio Roller Skates Unisex Children should fit the bill perfectly over here to provide great entertainment to your kids for many years to come. Frankly speaking, there’s so much ‘fun’ to be gained from the product that you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse. This product will surely meet everyone’s expectations with flying colors.


  • Made from breathable mesh and PVC leather, the skating boots are smooth, speedy, and built to last. Also, the bearings on the skates are extremely silent. Above all, the wheel size is perfect to offer great stability with less efforts.
  • They are comfortable to wear. So, your kid won’t scream to take them off. Moreover, the product also has an eye-catching look to it. Furthermore, the smart product design makes it almost next to impossible to get blisters.
  • The product has a cool retro look to it. The chances are that your amateur kid might wear them to bed. Also, the skates stand up well to regular use. They can easily withstand a few years of frequent outdoor use.
  • The product cannot touch everyone’s life because it has maximum weight bearing capacity of 60kg. Clearly, this product is geared towards kids.
#2. Osprey Children's Quad Skates Adjustable Roller Boots
kids roller skatesThe Osprey Children’s Quad Skates Adjustable Roller Boots are kids focused roller boots that are well suited for kids taking the first steps on roller skating. They are lightweight, bright, and easy to control. For those who are not aware, the skates come in two dashing colors —pink and purple.


  • These skates are light on purpose. Plus, they offer good support to the ankles. So, they can be worn all day long. Moreover, they look great as well.
  • It’s easy to get on and off the boots without adult intervention. Also, the back of these skates is fairly high. Therefore, they are a convenient option for total beginners.
  • The mechanism for altering the straps on this roller skate is great. So, there is space for growing room. Therefore, it won’t be easy to outgrow these boots.
  • If someone is an Olympic-level performer, these roller skates may not be for him/her. That said, these boots are perfect for beginner and intermediate skaters.
#3. The Magic Toy Shop Kids Adjustable 4 Wheel Quad Roller Skates
best kids roller skatesWhy should junior kids miss all the fun? If they want to look ‘cool,’ this Magic Toy Shop Kids Adjustable 4 Wheel Quad Roller Skates can be of immense help. Yes, they could turn out to be a lovely gift for your little ones. They are brilliantly made with good brakes on them to prevent potential mishaps. What will follow is lots of giggles and hours of fun. Overall, it’s a good all-around skate for kids of various age groups.


  • The adjustment function works like a charm to comfortably fit growing feet. Not only is it easy to change sizes on these roller skates, but it’s also easy to get on and off the skates.
  • Although it’s made from soft material, the boots offer good ankle support. Moreover, the high-quality wheels and bearings offer the smoothest ride possible on a roller skate.
  • The pink color is very attractive, especially if the child loves this color. That said, the purple color is no less of an eye-pleaser. Overall, these skates are a great option for beginners as well as occasional skaters.
  • The only small imperfection in this product is that it can get a tad bit uncomfortable to wear if a person were to lace the boots too tight.
#4. SFR Typhoon Adjustable Quad Skates
kids roller skates 2018As a first skate, there would be no better match than the SFR Typhoon Adjustable Quad Skates by any margin of imagination. These quad skates are sturdy, beautiful, reliable, comfortable, and user-friendly, all at the same time. Therefore, they can fulfill all your must-have wishes on any given day of the week. It’s like your prayers getting answered immediately without having any time for your feelings to get hurt.


  • Given the quality of these skates, you can expect nice and smooth action. The skates adjust very well, and the boots have breathable mesh to keep your feet dry and cool. Kids will be covering a lot of distance on these skates.
  • They look really cool in the color they are currently sold. Moreover, you won’t have to drop a small fortune to acquire them. Gladly enough, these SFR skates come at an affordable price tag.
  • The makers have made the product available in several different generous sizes. Better yet, it’s well-built to last for many years. It won’t be dumpster ready even after several years of use.
  • The only quarrel with these skates is the sizing. They come at least one size small. Therefore, you would be better off ordering one size bigger than usual.
#5. Kingdom Vector Quad Roller Skates
best kids roller skates UKThe Kingdom Vector Quad Roller Skates is the queen of roller skates. These retro skates look fabulous and are wonderfully comfortable. Moreover, the skates are sized accurately, and they are fitted with fast and smooth PU cast wheels. Add in the inexpensive price, and you have a clear winner. Therefore, this product could be a successful present for any kid out there.


  • Unlike other roller skates, these are not overly heavy. To see the skates in action is a dream come true. It runs perfectly. So, you won’t feel miserable about ordering this product.
  • The Kingdom Vector Quad Roller Skates offer a nice blend of looks and functionality under the same hood. It would be hard to find an equally capable product at the same price point.
  • The skates are well-built, comfortable, and durable. The stoppers on this product are good as well. From the grip to the movement, everything is spot on. So, you can think of pulling off some stunts on these roller skates.
  • The product will result in hours and hours of fun for a hyperactive kid, both indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind that the size is flexible, and it makes minimal sound on the run.
  • You might see some scratches down the road. But, it will have no effect on the use of this product.
#6. SFR Skates Vision Li Skates
best kids roller skates UKWith the SFR Skates Vision Li Skates, you get an excellent roller skate for indoor and outdoor use. The boots on the skate are mounted on a sturdy and lightweight frame for optimum speed and stability. Furthermore, the shoes come with traditional laces, Velcro straps, and high-top upper to secure one’s ankles like nobody’s business. Kids will absolutely enjoy their time on these skates.


  • The skates are smartly built to take a beating, and still perform the next day. Given the high-quality construction, the skates can make a person more aggressive and confident than usual.
  • The top-shelf materials used in the boots ensure that everything stays fresh from the inside. Also, the size is adjustable. So, you won’t feel the need to replace them anytime soon.
  • The SFR Skates Vision Li Skates has all the features of an adult skate. It’s suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. With time, one can easily do advanced moves on these skates.
  • Another little product drawback is that the skates make noise on uneven surfaces.
  • Just like most other roller skates out there, these can wear out quickly on concrete.
#7. California Pro NEW Storm Unisex Quad Roller Skates
best kids roller skates 2018If life is too short to keep playing a bad game, it’s time to introduce your kids to the California Pro NEW Storm Unisex Quad Roller Skates. The beauty of these skates is that they can provide hours and hours of fun and entertainment for several years and beyond for a one-time investment. Past customers have long agreed that this is one of the best gifts they have ever purchased for themselves or their family members.


  • The California Pro roller skates are equipped with PU casted HR82A 58x32MM wheels and high-rated skate bearings for a smooth performance. The skates are also more stable than the rivals to serve learning kids better than usual. Not to undermine the fact that they can make for a good adult skate as well.
  • The boots have a perfect fitting to them to hold the ankle securely without restricting the blood supply. Moreover, the skates are available in different sizes. So, almost everyone out there will find a perfect match. For added comfort, it features brushed nylon mesh on the outer side along with velvet and cozy foam lining.
  • Not the cheapest and not the most expensive either, the price of these roller skates is somewhere in between. So, they may not necessarily suit the wallets of all the budget roller skate shoppers out there.
#8. Roller Derby FireStar V2 Quad Skates
best kids roller skates 2018Goes without saying, there is no such thing as a “picture-perfect” roller skates. But, the folks behind the Roller Derby FireStar V2 Quad Skates dared to come really close. They came up with a really well-made roller skate with the omission of quite a few noticeable product flaws that their rivals carry. Therefore, the roller skates have proved to be a hit with the masses. Given the popularity, the product has its competition in a tight spot.


  • With deluxe padding and extra ankle support, these skates provide an extra layer of security to all the young skaters out there like nothing else in the market today.
  • The Roller Derby FireStar V2 Quad Skates have a sports shoe design to it. Both girls and boys would love to flaunt this new toy, and, of course, enjoy roller skating on them.
  • They are sold in most sizes. And, they are comfortable, and soft around the ankles. Better yet, the boots do a great job of holding the skater’s legs without hindering his/her movement.
  • The skates are fitted with high-quality plastic wheels. At the end of the day, high-quality plastic is still plastic—a piece of common sense.
#9. Xcess MX-S780 Boys Adjustable Inline Skates
kids roller skates 2018The Xcess MX-S780 Boys Adjustable Inline Skates is truly a product for the masses who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. The Xcess MX-S780 roller skates can beat most of its major rivals by a landslide. Even if you were to scan for faults on this product, you would be surprised to find none (except for a minor drawback listed below). These skates are almost perfect in every way. Let’s take a tour of the Xcess MX-S780 roller skates to know more about the product.


  • The Xcess MX-S780 roller skates are well-made from top to bottom. It’s a breeze to get in and out of them. Moreover, they are easy to adjust to a skater’s size, and, of course, they are comfortable as hell. The product clearly has competition-destroying traits.
  • Most of the past customers out there have echoed the fact that they feel better than ‘fine’ using these roller skates. According to them, the Xcess MX-S780 roller skates have completely transformed their skating game, taking it to the next level.
  • The skates have high-strength two safety lock buckles to effectively protect the skaters. Although geared towards boys, girls can also give a shot at these high-quality roller skates. They just need to go for one size smaller than usual.
  • The only thing that could be improved on this product is the inclusion of an instruction manual. Of course, this cannot be looked upon as a major strike against these roller skates.
#10. Ventro Pro VT01 Turbo Ventro Pro Quad Roller Skates
kids roller skates 2018If your gut instinct has convinced you to look for more roller skates, then your search might end with our final contender — the Ventro Pro VT01 Turbo Ventro Pro Quad Roller Skates. These skates look very professional, and they are a blast to skate on. They are comfortable and securely fitted around the ankles to give first-timers the confidence to ride on them without the usual hiccups involved in the process.


  • TThe boots are made from Elastollan, which is the ideal material for roller skates. Also, they are very comfortable and nicely padded from the inside. The sizing is perfect as well. In fact, it allows room for growth. Better yet, the color and quality of these skates won’t hurt your feelings.
  • The skates can be considered by first-timers and competent skaters, or just about anyone else in between. At the time of this writing, the skates are being sold in at least ten different colors to suit the needs/taste of the vast majority of the audience.
  • For some reasons, the stopper button on the front gets loose. That said, it can be easily screwed back. And, the occurrence is rare. Everything said and done; these roller skates are a great option for skaters at all levels.

Why buy roller skates for your kids

If you will ask children especially girls, they will surely tell that they want roller skates as a gift for their birthday. It is not only girls who love these shoes with wheels, but also boys as well. Parents also love the idea of roller skating for their kids, because it can give them some pride once they see their kids effortlessly skating around their neighborhood. One of the best things that you will love about this sport is that it can teach your kids balance, grace, and coordination at a very young age.  They will also develop their motor skills as they play with their roller skates.

Buying a roller skates for kids

What roller skates should I buy for my kid? Just like adult roller skates, “kids roller skates” come in a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, and sizes to fulfill every kids need for roller skates. When roller skating, the roller skates are the most important piece of equipment you can buy (or buy for your kid), and that is why you should do some research before purchasing. There are many things you will need to decide (or have your kid decide)…

How often will my child be skating? Will my child be skating indoors or outdoors? What does he/she want to do on their skates (just play around on the street, race, dance, etc)? How much money am I willing to invest in my child’s skates, and does this budget include protective pads and a helmet? By answering these questions you will get a good basis on where you should start your search.

Kids Indoor Roller Skates vs. Kids Outdoor Roller Skates

Where will your child be skating? Inside at a roller rink, or out side on the sidewalk? This will be the first decision you need to make when purchasing you child roller skates.

The difference between kids indoor roller skates and kids outdoor roller skates is the wheels. Indoor roller skates have a harder wheel than outdoor skates. The softer outdoor wheels are made absorb vibrations form the rougher pavement giving them a smoother more comfortable ride. While roller skate wheels are able to be changed out from indoor to outdoor, I am sure you will not want to switch your child’s wheels every time he/she wants to go outside.

If your child is going to do both indoor and outdoor roller skating, my suggestion to you is to buy a nicer pair of skates for indoors, and less expensive pair of skates for outdoor… that way if he/she falls and scuffs up the outdoor boots, or accidentally goes through a puddle or some mud, it isn’t going to be as devastating when the outdoor skates get ruined.

Kids Roller Skate Sizing

My kids feet are still growing, what size should I get?
I know, I know, I know… your kids foot is still growing and you want to buy their skates big so they have some room to grow. While this theory works great for shoes, it never works for “roller skates”. Extra room means that the skate will be sloppy on your child’s foot leaving extra room for the foot to twist and turn in the roller skate. This extra room can cause twisted ankles, injured legs and knees, or worse. So please parents, do not buy skates for your kid that are 2+ sizes to big on them, it is not safe.

Kids roller skates run true to their actual shoe size, depending on the activity your child will be doing on their skates, you would never want to go more than one size larger than their actual shoe size. If you child will be participating in speed skating, dancing, or derby you will want the skates to fit as snug as possible so they get a direct response between their foot to the skate for optimal performance and a lesser chance of injury.

One nice thing about some outdoor roller skates is that some come in adjustable sizes. These skates grow with your child’s foot. These adjustable size roller skates adjust 3-4 sizes making the skates last for multiple years. What a great idea!

How much do kids roller skates cost?

Kids roller skates vastly vary in cost from £15 – £200+. Holy smokes! £200 for a pair of kids roller skates? Yes, I know. For £200 you get a VERY special pair of skates, typically for over £200 you are getting a full leather boot, upgraded wheels and bearings, and these skates are specifically made for competition artistic dancing, derby, or jam skating. Most kids do not fall into this group.

However, for £40-£50 you can get your child a very nice pair of beginner roller skates that will keep them comfortable, and will preform well for skating outdoors or for family skate night at the local roller rink. Typically roller skates that cost £25 or less are just toys for really little kids, these are skates that are made to be put on your kids feet to get them comfortable with the idea of roller skating. If you want your child to enjoy their skating experience spend at least £40.

Don’t forget about protective pads and a helmet!

Keep your kids safe! Just like with inline skating your child needs to be protected with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This is especially true when your kids are outside roller skating. There is nothing worse than a child with road rash on his/her knee and hands… except for a busted head of course.

Safety Concerns

It is imperative that your child always wear the right pair of roller skates to ensure their safety. It is important for you as a parent to realize that roller skating is a very dangerous sport that is why you need to make sure that your kid is wearing the right kind of gear. A wrong choice of roller blades for your kids can lead to accidents and severe injuries. Today, there are many choices when it comes to the roller skates for kids. These skates are made exclusively for young kids.

A good skates must include a high quality braking system at the back of the skates. This braking system must allow kids to stop immediately whenever they wants to stop. You also need to look for skates with a soft padding inside that will protect and give warmth in their feet while wearing their skates. Modern skates for little girls are made with a high rise length to help in binding the leg and the ankle for a secure and nice skates that can prevent added injury.

Roller Skating FAQ

The following is a list of many of the frequently asked questions about Roller skates or Roller skating.

Q: How do indoor and outdoor skates differ from one another?
A: Indoor and outdoor are the same except for the wheels. Outdoor skates have softer wheels which help with going over cracks and bumps in the surface. Softer wheels have a better grip than harder wheels. Indoor wheels are harder so they can roll easily on indoor rinks and surfaces.
Q: How do I know my size?
A: Look at the size chart under the product you are interested in.
Q: I noticed that wheels are offered in different sizes, why is that?
A: The larger the wheel the more surface area you will cover with the least amount of effort. The larger wheels will move faster and will give the skater a smoother ride. Some people prefer smaller wheels, so it is a personally preference as to which wheel you like the best.
Q: What does the hardness of the wheel mean?
A: The hardness of a wheel or the durometer is typically measured on the A scale. The typically range is any where from 82A to 103A. The higher the durometer, the harder the wheel. The lower the durometer, the softer the wheel. For indoor skating it is best to get a wheel ranging from 90A to 103A and for outdoor use it is best to get a wheel that is below 90A.
Q: What does ABEC stand for?
A: ABEC is an acronym that is applied to bearings. ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Council. The ABEC is a rating on how “good” the bearing of a skate is. The higher the number that follows ABEC, the better the bearing is. The bearings are rated on a scale of ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7, and ABEC-9.
Q: How many bearings will I need?
A: You will need two bearings per wheel, so for quad skates you will need 16 bearings.
Q: Should I buy a high top or low top boot?
A: It is based solely on personal preference but high top boots will provide more support for the ankle and the foot. High top boots are commonly used for rhythm skating and artistic skating. Low top boots offer a wider range of motion for the ankle making it easier to move faster and do tricks. Low top boots are more popular and are commonly used for jam skating and speed skating.
Q: What other type of gear will I need?
A: To ensure a safe ride you will need knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, and wrist guards. A backpack or fanny pack that holds a water bottle is a good idea also as you will need to stay hydrated.
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