Getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful feelings, which one can experience. But with pregnancy there come many types of pain and many other challenges in comfortable sleep during night. But now no need to rush back and forth from your bed. Some women try to use some home remedies but they might toss and turn. While pregnancy, sleeping in every position would give you pain. If you are having problems like these then you should start using a pregnancy pillow. Below mentioned information will definitely help you in using this pillow in a better way. This pillow will offer you better sleep and rest.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pillow which is very long almost the length of a person is called pregnancy pillow. There are many kinds of benefits of using this pillow. This pillow is used by a lady who is pregnant. There are many advantages of this pillow especially during pregnancy. If someone is pregnant, this offers a great help in her sleep. This pillow offers ample of support and gives you rest. Pregnant women can use this pillow as couch cushion, floor mat, and it can be even used it during traveling. So no matter where ever you go this pillow will support you everywhere. Pregnancy is the period when you develop weight and with it comes great discomfort. Pregnant women find it very difficult to lie in position, sometimes it is very painful. Lying on your side is also very painful it seems as if someone is pulling you and you have lot of weight on your back. The conventional pillow would never provide you such a comfort, which this pillow can. These pillows are designed in such a way so as to provide you comfort during the pregnancy. They give you support very well.

Top 5 Pregnancy Pillows in UK 2019

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How to use pregnancy pillow?

These pillows will definitely make your bedtime more comfortable and restful, providing one should know how to use this pillow. Giving below are few steps about how to use it. These steps will surely help you in about how to use these pillows. Search for such a pillow that meets your requirements. There is a wide range in these pillows. These pillows come in great variety of qualities, materials, and designs. You should buy a pillow, which fulfills your needs. Take care that pillow, which you are buying is worth buying and solves your sleeping problems. Figure out first, what is causing you discomfort. This pillow will alleviate pain in the knees, ankles, belly, back, and shoulders.

After using this pillow, if you still feel pain then that pain must be due to lifting issues or other non-sleepy problems. If you are suffering from pain in only one or two area then you should go for wedge or smaller pillows. And if you have pain in whole body, then you should go for full-length pillows. These are very helpful in resolving your problems. Take care that pillow you are buying is of good quality. It should have a washable cover. This allows you launder your cover easily.
How to use pregnancy pillow
Use it correctly – Once you have find which pillow is perfectly fulfilling your needs and taste read the instructions given with it properly. This will help you know about how to use it. This pillow will replace your original pillow. Using it correctly is very important. Place it correctly under your spinal cord and your neck. Give as much support as can to your neck and head: this will help you in keeping your spinal cord straight, which is very important during pregnancy. Also place the pillow between your legs carefully. This will help you in reducing your pressure and will also reduce your knee pain. It will also help in reducing swelling. This will increase your circulation. Make sure that that your back is properly supported.

When you should start using this pillow?

When you start with your pregnancy and you start showing and everyone starts telling you to sleep well during night, this is time when you should start using a pillow. This is the sign that you should go out and buy a pillow. You can also use normal large pillow or bid cushions. But if they are of no help for you then you should definitely buy this pillow. Lying on your pillow would give you lot of comfort but otherwise it gives you lot of pain. No need to go out and buy an expensive pillow if a normal pillow is giving you full comfort. But these pillows will keep your hips separated and relieve you from strain.

These pillows will help you in getting rid of general pelvic girdle pain. By using this pillow your body will be in position. If you move a lot during your sleeping time then you should place this pillow behind your back. This will helping in not moving from your original position. These pillows also offers additional support to your belly and to your recline. These pillows are generally of U shape or C shape. These are available in almost all pregnancy stores. It is very common to have problems in sleeping during pregnancy. Try using these pillows you will definitely be asleep for longer time and you also wake up feeling fresh. During the daytime back pain and pelvic pain will also alleviate giving you more comfortable resting position.

Benefits of using this pillow

benefits of pregnancy pillowsDuring this pregnancy process it is very difficult to see when your body goes through many types of changes. But this discomfort is nowhere when after all this pain you see your baby arriving and crawling on the floor. This is time when you should take ample of rest. In this time for proper sleep you definitely need a special type of pillow to make your naps and night more comfortable. There is no substitute of this pillow.

Why do you need it?
This special pillow for a pregnant lady is a blessing. A pillow which of good quality and are made of best material provides you great support. It supports your back as well as your belly. It relaxes your body. When it keeps your body comfortable it makes it is easy for you to sleep. The best thing about these pillows is that they are designed in such a manner that they support your natural body curves. With the help of these pillows the mother can also peacefully sleep so is baby with proper support. Amongst all these pillows the best one is the memory form one. The best thing about this pillow is that they have a fleece cover and it does not allow dust particles to enter in it. It is very easy to remove and washable. These pillows do not have hard edges on them so it keeps the pregnant woman comfortable. These have very soft edges, which support the shoulders. All these aspects of this pillow give full support to the body and give you perfect sleep. If you use these pillows then sleepless night will be a past for you. These are designed in a beautiful manner. Some more very common benefits of these pillows are-

  • Enough support
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Avoid back pain
  • Provides flexible sleeping
  • Also useful after childbirth

Provides you great support

These pillows will be a great support for you. They will be best companion for you. These can also be used as back rest. It not only provides you great support but also gives your baby in optimal birth position. This will also make sure that you will have much less labor pain. These come in two categories that is total body versions and small body versions. This will also support you when your baby comes out of your womb. They will help you while you are feeding you baby. This will help you in giving support to your baby. These will also help you to make your baby learn sit. You can also use it as a cradle in your arms. This is very essential for you if you are expecting and it is very beneficial for your baby as well. Comfort is the first and the most important thing for a pregnant woman. These pillows are very useful at every stage of your pregnancy. These do not make your neck stiff. It will also give relief from your back pain. The maintenance of these pillows is also very less.

So if you are pregnant then go get a pregnancy pillow right now. Make your nine months more comfortable by using these pillows. In this way this will keep you energetic and refresh. Start using this pillow when you get the news that you are pregnant so that you become habitual to it. This will help you make feel comfortable with sleeping it. Follow the instructions given with it and read them properly also. So enjoy having that little thing growing inside you. Using this pillow will make it more joyful.

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