With people becoming so conscious about pollution and inflation that companies have now come up with new ways of driving a car or a bike. The electric cars are becoming very popular among people because of its efficiency to curb pollution.

What exactly is an electric car?

An electric car is run on an electric motor and not on a gasoline engine. The controller transfers the energy to the electric motor that adjusts the amount of power according to the use of accelerator pedal by the driver. The energy stored in the rechargeable batteries of the car is used and these batteries can be charged with common household electricity.

Now-a-days electric vehicles are not only available for adults but even kids can enjoy a ride or a drive on the cars designed for them without the fear of getting hurt. Gone are those days when kids used to play with remote control cars and bikes. Today they themselves drive their small in size electric cars. So if you want to gift your child with a fun and advanced childhood get him one electric car. However, before you decide on to buy an electric car for your kid, you shall look into what all brands are available in the UK market.

What are the best electric cars for kids in UK

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What to look for an electric kid car

Here’s a guide to buy the best electric car for your child informing you about the different features, designs and types of car models offered by different companies along with how to maintain their durability.

The Suitability of Riding the Car Models

The electric cars made for kids and available in the market are appropriate for both outdoor and indoor rides. Gone are the days when your child would restrict himself to the indoor walls for playing with their cars. It’s time for them to ride their electric cars in the outdoor to give them freedom to see the sights of your garden on four wheels and get independent. In fact by giving them a chance to drive their cars in the outdoor will benefit them by enjoying their play outside.

The Various Features of Kid’s Electric Cars

Before buying the electric car for your kid, you will be exploring the different kind of features it comes with so that you can be sure of your child’s safety as well as give your child the utmost fun and joy. The commonly available electric cars for kids have the following features:

  • The electric cars come with forward as well as reverse gears allowing your child to experience real driving.
  • It is also installed with lights in gully working condition so that your child can drive through your garden even during night.
  • The one thing you are concerned about when giving the electric car to your child is their safety. To satisfy you in that area, the electric cars have a feature of fully working remote control for parents. This allows you to keep a track on where you kid is going.
  • The best feature of this car is that you dont have to assemble it completely. The company already offers you a 99 percent assembled car. You just have to add a few parts and you can get going with the fun.
  • The electric cars also come with a feature of starting the car with a key.
  • It also provides you foot accelerator.

With such features you can give your child the utmost fun by ordering the best available electric cars.

The Various Electric Car Models Available in the Market

You may have seen your child feel excited whenever you take him on drive. He seems to be fascinated by the different models of the car running on the road even if he has no idea about them. Now you can give your child an opportunity to ride a car similar to those that you drive on the road. There are many toy companies like Fisher Price Co that offers you different models of popular cars like Ferrari, BMW, Audi R8, Porsche and Aston Martin.

If you drive an Audi  R8 and you want your child to have the pleasure of driving the same model then just buy him an electric car of model Audi R8. By doing so you can give him an opportunity to mimic you as well as it will a great family photograph when two owners will be standing next to their same model cars parked next to each other.

Maintenance and Safe Driving

Usually the electric cars for kids are meant to be driven outside, however these cares can also be driven in large areas indoor like barns, garages, etc. Your child can ride the electric car on gravel, grass, Tar-Mac or concrete. Your kid can ride the car for approximately two hours with a single charged battery with average cars that run on plains.

The Packaging and Delivery of the Electric Cars

The package of electric car for kids includes the electric car itself, a rechargeable battery, parental remote control to over ride their control when you see them riding on your flower beds, battery charger, car motor and an instruction manual.

  • The electric car will need no maintenance if you keep it in a good condition and most of them are 99 percent pre-assembled so you will have to attach just a few easy parts and get going with the fun.
  • It is advisable that you should recharge the car battery completely as mentioned in the manual so that you child can ride the car for the maximum time.
  • It is also important to supervise your child when they are riding the cars as you kid can sometimes be reckless and move out in the traffic and get hurt. This is the reason the companies provide you with parental remote controls so that you can over ride their control.

There are number of companies offering these electric cars to the kids and you can choose the best among them to give your child the best time of his life by driving an actual yet safe car.

4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe When Riding Electric Cars

Ride-on toys have gained a huge notoriety lately. You can find pretty much anything, from horses or other animals to motorcycles and cars. When it comes to buying such a unit, safety comes first. This is the primary thing to keep in mind. Other features can be considered later on. With safety in mind, electric cars seem to be the most protective things. Not only they have front and back protection, but they also have relatively tall sides to protect kids from falling. But then, the overall construction is not the one and only safety standard in this industry. Then, what else should you look for?

The braking system

The braking system varies from one product to another. The simplest ride-on toys do not necessarily have brakes. Unless they go down a hill, kids are less likely to gain too much speed, so they can usually stop on their own. Things are different when it comes to cars, which do not allow too much foot movement. Plus, electric cars are often based on electricity. Find out what kind of braking system such a toy has, then make sure that your kid is smart enough to understand how to use it safely. It should not cause too many difficulties in the process.

Kid control versus parent control

Some electric cars allow full control, so the kid is in charge of everything. This idea might be pretty safe if you have a large backyard and your kid only hangs around it. On the other hand, when going out, an extra form of control is mandatory for safety. For example, many electric cars come with remote controls. Practically, you can give your kid full control over what they are doing – steering and “speeding”, but you have the authority control to keep them on track. There are also specific models that only allow parental control. You control everything, even if your kid feels like they steer or accelerate.

Inaccessible battery

Ride-on electric cars come with batteries, which need to be recharged before a riding session. These things must be inaccessible. As a parent, you should have an owners manual and know exactly how to replace the battery when needed. But then, kids should not have access to it, regardless of how hard they try. A screw-based system is probably the safest way to keep your babys curious hands away from the battery.

Balance and stability

Since it comes on four wheels, a motorized car is usually stable enough. However, some modernist units allow more freedom. They come with three wheels or perhaps they have no sides for extra convenience. Generally speaking, you need a model with a low center of gravity. Wheels must be spaced quite wide, only to support your little ones weight. Push the toy to ensure that it stays upright, then let your kid have a quick test run before spending your money.

Finally, do not overcome the safety gear either. No matter how safe an electric car seems, safety gear is still relevant for a secure operation.

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