Diaper cakes are one of the new rages for baby showers. They are a cute way to present shower presents and are also an adorable center piece. There are many diaper cake ideas out there. They range from the simple to the boutique worthy. There are those where the resulting cake has rolls in each layer, those who have more smooth results, and those that look like bassinets and other baby objects.

Top 10 Diaper Cake Styles

Diaper cakes are a practical alternative to the traditional baby shower gift. Made primarily of bundled diapers arranged like a cake, diaper cakes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are often wrapped with ribbon and adorned with different gifts like stuffed animals, blankets, and even baby clothing. Many different kinds of cakes can be found easily online or in specialty boutiques. Whether someone is looking to buy the perfect diaper cake or wants to try making one, these ten designs are sure to wow any audience.

Tiered Diaper Cakes

The average tiered cake has about three to four layers. These cakes can be decorated in a number of ways and retain the “cake” look. They are also large enough hide little presents like pacifiers inside to surprise the expectant mother. Being the largest of the diaper cakes, tiered cakes are great as centerpieces for any baby shower.

Single Tiered Cake Design

The single tiered cake is one round layer made with about half the amount of diapers of a three tiered cake. These cute cakes are great for decorating with larger toys because of their wider top surfaces. While tiered cakes are typically extravagant, a single tiered cake is a more modest alternative. Even though they are easier to make than most other cakes, the single tiered cake doesn’t sacrifice charm for simplicity.

Animal Diaper Cakes

One way to decorate any sized cake is with a stuffed animal. A cute animal toy can make a wonderful cake topper or tier decoration. ribbon color and cake decorations with the animal’s color makes for an adorable themed cake. Animal cakes provide the mother-to-be with a convenient diaper start-up kit along with a special gift for their little one.

Reusable Diapers

More and more people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to regular products. Reusable cloth diapers make the perfect gift for an expectant mother who is hoping to make the planet healthier for her youngster. To give her the complete package, cakes can be decorated with the tools and supplies needed to clean the cloth diapers.

Fondant Cakes

Fondant diaper cakes are made by wrapping each tier in blankets to give the cake a smooth appearance. Fondant cakes offer tons of design options that will give any cake a more sophisticated look. Not only are they beautiful, but a fondant cake also equips the mother-to-be with two important baby care essentials.

Diaper Cupcakes

Want to buy a diaper cake but don’t have the budget for one? Diaper cupcakes are perfect for every style and price range. While scaled down from the larger tiered cakes, these sweet bundles provide a colorful and fun approach to practical gift-giving. Even though they are smaller than most cakes, diaper cupcakes can still be filled with fun goodies like wash cloths and baby bibs.

Stork Cakes

Stork cakes lose the traditional cake shape and adopt a simpler bundle look. A stork cake consists of neatly rolled diapers and blankets wrapped in a larger blanket tied with a ribbon. Although the design is simple, this unique gift can be decorated as much as any other cake. Bundles can be stylized with matching ribbons and blanket colors. For a finishing touch, a paper stork can be tied to the top with a colorful ribbon.

Diaper Lollipops

Diaper lollipops consist of a single rolled diaper on a stick. To keep the spiral in place, many diaper lollipops are wrapped in clear plastic or tulle. Lollipops are often given in an arrangement or added to a cake for decoration. Diaper lollipops are wonderful additions to a tiered centerpiece because they function as decorations while providing extra height.

Diaper Bouquets an Alternative to Diaper Cakes

Similar to diaper lollipops, diaper bouquets consist mainly of diapers on sticks. Instead of creating a spiral to place atop the skewer like a lollipop, diapers are wrapped around it. Flowers can be given individually, wrapped in a blanket, or arranged in a vase. Bouquets are often decorated with bright tulle and mixed with colorful washcloth flowers.

Shaped Cakes

With a little time and creativity, diapers can be arranged into an endless amount of designs. Popular shapes include strollers, cribs, and babies. Each design makes use of baby essentials such as blankets, towels, onesies, and of course diapers. Shaped cakes are perfect for expectant mothers with themed baby showers or the lighthearted gift-giver.

How to Make Rolled and Boutique Style Diaper Cakes

Rolled Diaper Cake

The most simple style of diaper cakes is a rolled up. The key ingredients for any diaper cake are the diapers which should have a fancy print on them. The fancy prints are the hardest part to find. If your local store does not carry ones you like, try on line. Amazon. They include ones with cute prints that will add the color that you need for your cake and include both disposable and cloth diapers. The diapers will cost around £10 – £20. You will also need rubber bands, colorful ones are preferred. These can be found at local office supply stores or on line. Additionally, a center piece is ideal. These can be found at baby supply stores or on line.

First: The first step to making the rolled up diaper cake is to roll each individual diaper. Start at the top, open, end, and roll to the bottom. Then secure it with a rubber band. A colorful rubber band that co-ordinates with the color on the print of the diaper is ideal, to keep the festive cake look. Place the rolled up diapers in a circle and secure that circle with a large, colorful, rubber band.

Second: Place a center piece in the middle of the circle. The first circle is your top and it is the ideal place to put a little gift. You can use another diaper, but a bottle, baby lotion, baby powder, or a rolled up blanket is more ideal.

Third: Your lower layers will be made in a similar fashion, but you will use more diapers to create the layered look. Additionally, for the middle layers of the cake it is better to use all diapers. It is best to double the amount of diapers used. For example, for the top use about seven diapers, for the middle use fifteen, and for the base, use thirty.

Forth: When you have created your layers, carefully place them on top of each other. Secure them together with wooden dowels. Place the dowels between the diapers, not through them. This will secure the diapers without damaging them.

 Boutique Cake Styles

Other diaper cake ideas are the more boutique style cakes. The resulting cake is much more fancy. One of those is the wrap around style. For this style you will need at least forty diapers, once again that will cost between twenty to thirty dollars. You will also need ribbon, two strands to be exact. One strand needs to be 1.5″, the other 1/8″. They can be any color you desire, but it is best to co-ordinate it with the diaper’s print if there is one. The ribbon will cost less than five dollars. You will also need eight baby wash cloths, co-ordinate the colors with the ribbon. This will cost about five dollars. There will be one bodysuit, these can be found at baby clothing stores or online, such as at Amazon, and run to around twenty dollars. Rubber bands and safety pins are also necessary. Plus, you need an eight inch long paper tube, used paper towel rolls are often ideal, and round cake pans. Wilson, which can be picked up at any craft, baking, or department store for about five dollars, work best.

First: The washcloths will become decorative roses. Roll each washcloth up length wise. Then fold it in half. Tie it together, near the bottom, with the 1/8″ ribbon. The body suit will then become a large rose. Roll it up, as well. First from bottom to top, the from the sides. Tie the 1/8″ ribbon around the middle.

Second: Next place the diapers in the cake pan and fan them against the side of the pan, holding them securely in place with your hand. Continuing adding diapers until you have a full spiral, then secure them with a rubber band. Flip the pan over. Use the paper roll to fill in the middle and ensure that the cake keeps it shape. At this point, you can use a tube or rolled up baby blanket as a surprise gift instead. At this point, add a few more rubber bands to ensure that your creation is secure. Tie some of the 1/8″ ribbon over the middle of the layer.

Third: For the next layer, repeat the process, but with a slightly smaller baking pan. Again tie the layer with rubber bands and center a ribbon in the middle. Place it carefully through the tube holding together the first layers to create a second layer. Then take the larger ribbon and tie it around the middle of each layer, secure the ribbons with safety pins. You can leave this as a two layer cake or insert a smaller third layer, which does mean you may need more diapers.

Forth: Insert the bottom of the body suit rose into the middle of the top layer, leaving the ‘petals’ visible. Insert the wash cloth roses into the bottom layer/s of the wedding cake, hiding the bottom and rubber band. Then cut three pieces from the larger ribbon, eight to ten inches long. Fold these in half and place against the roses to create leaves, safety pin into place.

These instructions are for two diaper cakes, which can easily be altered to fit your tastes. There are many other styles which you can use as well. By browsing on line stores which offer diaper cakes, such as Amazon as mentioned before, you can gather more diaper cake ideas and create a fun center baby shower center piece which guests will be talking about for years.  It is possible to purchase diaper cakes. They range in price from fifty dollars to one hundred fifty dollars. It is also possible to make one yourself. By making the cake yourself, you are guaranteed to have the items on it that you want and styles that you know the mother likes.  Either way, they make the perfect baby shower centerpiece or gift.

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