If you are short of space or simply like to have more space, or just follow your own preference, you can look at space saving bunk beds as good space issue bed alternatives for you or your kids’ bedroom. Actually buying a space saving bunk bed is not only a matter of better functionality; it is a matter of fashion and style. Modern bunk beds are made so to perfectly blend with the environment and even make the setting look prettier.

Why bunk beds are a great idea

If the matter of space saving is something urgent then searching for bunk beds is probably what you would like to do. These beds are extreme space savers, and also have other benefits that will definitely worth the price to be paid for them. Another reason for having bunk bed is that Kids just love bunk beds.

Bunk beds are great for small houses with two or more kids. By going vertical, You will save at least 8 Sq-ft of floor space. That means more space for your kid to play and more space for other furniture. Here are some of the advantages of bunk beds.

  • Fun for the kids: Every kid loves bunk bed. They love the idea of having their own cosy little space to play on.
  • More Space in Less: Kids’ rooms are generally smaller than the other rooms. These beds can free up a few much needed space by making the most of your unused vertical space. You can utilize these spaces to store stuff like toys and mini wardrobes.
  • Private Space in a Shared Room: If you have two kids, then each one of them gets their personal bed to sleep in. Each bunk is easily customizable with their favorite bedding, throw pillows, or clip on reading lamps.
  • With a more compact home, operating costs are reduced as well, such as electricity and cleaning is made much simpler.
  • When required, bunk beds can easily be separated into two twin beds.

Quick Comparison: Best Bunk Beds in UK

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Types of Bunk Beds

When We think of a bunk bed, we think of a two plain wooden cots stacked one on the top of another. For a long time, this used to be an accurate picture. But modern bunk beds come in different shapes, styles, colors, materials and types. You may be surprised to know there are at least 10 types of bunk beds available. However, not all of them are popular. Here is helpful information on these various types:

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

These are the most common and basic type of bunk bed available in UK. They are composed of two beds, with one stacked on top of another and each bed has a mattress. This type of standard bunk beds usually have a structure that allows both beds to detach, so it can be used as two twin beds that can be placed side by side on the floor. They are ideal for children of near similar age, but of course, if required it can be utilized by one kid and one adult. Most of these bunk beds are fitted with a ladder that allow the kids to safely access their beds.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This type of bunk bed consists of a smaller twin bed mounted over the larger full size bed. The bottom bed is designed for an adult or a teenager, whereas as the smaller bed is suitable for the child. Many parents use the setup for older children with younger siblings or guest visiting with a child. The wide bed on the bottom makes this bunk bed more stable and unlikely to tip over. They are little more expensive compare to twin over twin bunk beds.

Futon Bunk Beds

These bunk beds offer seating as well as sleeping areas in rooms with limited space. Futon bunk beds mount a twin mattress above a futon sofa, providing space for sitting by day and sleeping by night. Designs include those with a futon that is a couch and nothing more, as well as a futon with a folding back that transforms into a second sleeping area when necessary. This configuration means homeowners can put a sofa and bed into the same floor area, halving the amount of space needed without reducing functionality.

Loft Beds

A loft bed only has one bed on the top bunk, with free space underneath which can be used for storage, a play area, a study area or just to create more open space within the room. The big advantage for this is that it opens up the space below to create an area for either a desk, storage drawers, a cupboard or allows space for a play area in small bedrooms. Loft beds comes in different heights and shapes and are more expensive compare to standard bunk beds.

Bunk Bed With Trundle

Bunk beds with trundle are bunks that have an additional space to accommodate people – this is a trundle unit that is kept under the main bed frame. So what you have? A bed that takes portion of floor space as just for one bed, but can handle up to three or even four (in case of full bed on lower bunk) kids, and sometimes the same number of adults.

What to look for in bunk bed for kids

Modern bunks are not as plain as they used to be times ago. Today you will get a good space saving bed with lots of functions such as book shelves, drawers, desks, etc. In some types there are even sofas that are the result of the lower bed transformation. There can also be a desk instead of the bed. In any case whatever you choose, you need to have a clear understanding what is the right bunk bed for your kids.

First of all consider your kids age; it is important because usually it is not recommended that children under the age of six will sleep on top bunk. Also consider the size of the bed. It has a double importance. Firstly, you need to make sure that the room the bed is going to be placed in has enough space for it. Secondly, if you have two school kids, it is a good idea to simply opt for a twin bed. If you have more kids in your home, you should look at twin over full bunk bed, where the lower bunk can accommodate two kids. When you choose a bed that can enhance your child’s study facilities, estimate its quality and overall design, its sturdiness and convenience not only for sleeping but for studying as well.

One of the major concerns using bunk bed for kids, is the risk of injuries due to fall from the top bunk. Current guidelines recommend that upper bunk should only be used by kids who are at least 6 years old. When you’re buying a bunk bed, it’s important to look out for products that are very well made, are solid in their construction, and that conform to safety standards. Bunk beds sold in the UK need to conform with the British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993. It’s important to use the proper size mattress. Most bunk bed manufacturers recommend a mattress no taller than 6”, so that the child is not sleeping above the guardrail. Also you need to make sure children sleep at the end of the bunk towards the wall and away from ladder. For more safety, parents can arrange pillows to prevent the child falling out.

Wood vs Metal
Bunk beds are mostly made up either or metal or wood. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Metal bunks are light in weight and cheaper but they are less aesthetically pleasing. The wooden bunk beds are an innovative type of bed which has been started recently. They comes in different designs, look and feel and as expected they are more expensive compare to metal bunk beds. Wooden bunks are also more sturdy and are less likely to bread under weight or force.

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