Parenting is like the most difficult test you have as an adult. More specifically the most challenging period during this test is the period when your child is still below 2-3 years of age. If your child is suffering from some problem, the only thing he/she is going to do is cry and that is going to give you sleepless nights. One quite common problem that keeps parents awake is colic. Almost 25% of the babies suffer from colic, so wouldn’t it be nice to take whatever precautions you can to  prevent this highly suffer able affliction reach your baby? One of the major reason of Colic is intake of air while bottle feeding. Now, this is something that can’t be avoided but definitely we can make use of our modern technology to have bottles which are inherently Anti-Colic in nature.

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Theoretically one can start bottle feeding from day one but doctors suggest that parents should avoid bottle feeding for several weeks. The reason being, many baby bottles have a much quicker flow than breast and it may lead to the baby developing aversion towards breastfeeding. One of the precaution that every parent must take when switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is to make sure you buy anti-colic bottles for your child. Anti-colic bottles have a mechanism to push out the air from the bottle tip so that it doesn’t go into your baby’s stomach to cause post-feeding fuzziness.

Though it is not yet known exactly what causes the colicky behavior in babies but there seems to be a connection between ingesting gas while drinking bottle milk and colic. In this article I will list down some of the bottles you can find in UK that are Anti-colic as well as a have a few more advantages like:

  1. BPA free – BPA stands for Bisphenol. It is a chemical that leaches into the food product when you keep hot food directly into a plastic container. This chemical has been linked to a lot of issues related to brain and prostate in babies and toddlers.
  2. Ventilation system to prevent air intake by the babies and provide a smooth flow of milk.
  3. Natural nipple like shape and feel to help your baby switch easily between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Top 5 baby bottles for Colic and Gas of 2019 (UK)

Now that we are done with the guidance tips on how you can choose the right anti-colic bottle for your child, the next step is to actually suggest you the right bottles. Just browsing online for anti-colic bottles can be a little frustrating and self defeating since most of us are habituated on giving reviews only when we have something negative to say. It becomes difficult to decide when there are 9 people giving positive reviews and 1 detailed negative review. To help you avoid this pain, here we are listing the best baby bottles for Colic and Gas.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottle
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottle

These bottles are award winning BPA free bottles that have been designed with expert help on how to make the teats of the bottle are close as to a mum’s breast. When switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, these bottles can be a good choice. They provide the natural stretch and flex of a breast nipple and therefore make the feeding a stress free experience for the young one. The bottles are fat not long so that you can hold your baby close while feeding. These bottles are highly reputed for providing leak free experience and allowing very little air through the teat.

One issue with these bottles though is that the measurements on the bottle seem to rub off after a few weeks of usage. Better to keep a jug with measurements mentioned rather than depending on the bottle markings.

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Dr Brown’s Options Wide Neck Bottle
Dr Brown's Options Wide Neck Bottle

Dr Brown’s Options is a convertible BPA free baby bottle which comes with an option vent option. It claims to preserve Vitamin A, C and E which otherwise degrades if kept for long time within a container after boiling. Once your baby is old enough you can keep using the same bottle by just removing the vent but until then you can use this bottle to provide your child a teat vented experience for a controlled milk flow. Most of the breast pumps fit easily with Options bottle and it is a US made product.

Dr Brown’s Options bottles have a reputation for occasional leaks but mostly these happen when you pour the boiling milk directly into the container and put on the valve and lid. These bottles are a little on the costlier side but definitely worth the premium being paid.

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Philips AVENT Natural Newborn Bottles
Philips AVENT Natural Newborn Bottles

These come with an unique twin valve design that are quite effective in preventing Colic. The teats are extra soft and flexible courtesy the comfort petals inside the teat which will make sure that the teat doesn’t collapse no matter how much stress is put on it by your baby’s mouth. However, it still offers the softness of a natural breast. The teat design is very natural and ideal for babies switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. You get 2 X 4oz and 2 X 9oz bottles to accompany your baby throughout his/her growing phase. The teat is made of silicone making sure it lasts longer. However, the bottles are not exactly portable and are suggested for home use only.

You get a curved brush for cleaning these bottles. The wide neck opening of the bottles gives you enough maneuverability to properly clean the bottles and keep its hygiene.

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MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle
MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle
As the name goes, this bottle has a self sterilising action. To sterilise it, one just needs to fill the bottle with water and then keep it for 3 minutes in a microwave on heat. As an anti-colic bottle, MAM have adopted a simple technique of providing ventilation holes at the bottom of the bottle so that the baby is able to suck the milk uninterrupted without the need of releasing air. Market research on the bottle has shown that it reduces colic occurrences in babies up to 80% Teats for MAM bottles come for babies of all age and fit across their product line so you can keep using the bottle until there is some physical damage to it.

MAM uses something called Silk Teat rather than the silicone teat which is especially made to provide the softness that a silicone teat can’t provide. However, it has all the advantages that a silicone teat provides – it is hygienic, odourless and colourless. The teat doesn’t degrade with age and has a high acceptance range among babies.The ventilation holes are small enough to not let liquid pass through it but just the air. These bottles do need some practice to assemble though. Not tightening the base properly can lead to leakages. Read the instructions properly before you start using it. If assembled and used properly, milk will stay sterilized for around 24 hours at a stretch.
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NUK First Choice+
NUK First Choice+
The bottles have a super soft orthodontically shaped teat with the top area being arched but soft and thus easily adapts to the baby’s palate. It has a lip support system too with the teat which simulates natural breasts providing easy switch to bottle feeding. These bottles come with NUK Anti-Colic Air System designed to prevent air passing on to the baby’s mouth and also prevents the teat from collapsing. These bottles make use of First Choice and First Choice+ Teats giving you easy flexibility to adapt the bottle with the growth of your child. The teats have asymmetrical shape so if your baby takes a liking to the bottles in the start you can rest assured he/she won’t reject it later too. The bottles come with a seal disk making it easy to use while travelling. These bottles have been approved by British Dental Health Foundation establishing their trustworthiness. You can clean these bottles with hot or cold water or you can also make use of NUK Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser. However, it is not suggested to sterilise these bottles in microwave. The First Choice teats should be replaced at 1-2 months for hygiene and quality purposes.

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Wrap up
I have consciously not listed same bottles from two same brands since each baby is unique and what works for someone might not work for another. However, all these bottles have a very high acceptance rate and can be used for a newborn baby to a baby in his/her later stages of breastfeeding. A few common things to remember always is to avoid cleaning these bottles in dishwasher, read the instructions that comes with the packaging since these can help you avoid leakages most of the times, baby being picky is many times just not an issue with the bottle type but also with teat material – silicone or latex (silicone is preferable for a lot of reasons but if your baby is not comfortable with it you can experiment with a latex teat) or due to the amount of flow from the bottle where slow flow can frustrate a child or large flow can have a choking effect. The end answer is that you have to experiment a little before your baby finally takes to some bottle but you have to experiment only with the best products and the above listed ones are the best of the best.

Guide to buy the right Anti-Colic and Gas bottle for your baby

It’s an important but not an easy decision when it comes to choosing a particular brand of anti coli bottles for your baby. These bottles comes in different sizes, shapes and claims stating they are the best on the market. With this guide, We hope you will be able to find the best anti colic bottles of 2018.

Size of the bottle – There are different sizes of bottles available in the market and the right size for your baby will depend on your baby’s age. The flow too is dependent on the size of the bottle so if your baby is just starting with bottle feeding then best is that you go for the smallest size. Once you start with the smallest size you can upgrade as and when you feel by analyzing your child’s requirement if he/she needs more milk and is finishing up the bottle very fast.

Material Composition – There are three types of materials used for baby bottles – Plastic, Glass and Steel.

If you are buying plastic, make sure that you take out a second to check if the bottle is BPA free or not. Though nowadays you shouldn’t find any such bottle, but still, it pays to be careful. In any case, make sure you don’t keep freshly boiled milk in a plastic container for more than 30 minutes. Plastic bottles lose their strength after long usage due to the heated material being kept in it. It’s best to replace it when you see the quality of its material degrading.

Glass bottles are safe from heat, but overtime they do get chipped or cracked. However, until that time they are much better alternative than plastic to keep your baby’s milk in since they are highly inert to any chemical reaction or anything leaking into the milk.

Steel containers don’t have any of the disadvantages of plastic or glass and are perfect. In case you are wondering about the weight, they come if very light weight versions too but usually parents avoid using these containers for the simple reason that they can’t see how much milk is present in the container.

Shape of neck – Anti-colic bottles have a wider neck compared to other baby bottles. If you are unsure do check the labeling or ask the shopkeeper.

Teat – Teats or the nipples come in 3 types – Orthodontic, Bell Shaped or Flat topped. Orthodontic teats resemble the natural breast nipples and are best for babies just starting out with bottle feeding. If your baby doesn’t like Orthodontic teats then you can give a try to the other two types. The material of the teat is either silicon or latex. Silicon has better life that latex and is also safer since latex can cause allergic reactions in some kids. Other than that, do test out the flow speed before using it, too high flow can lead to your kid choking while drinking from the bottle.

Cleaning and Management accessories – You should buy accessories if they don’t come with the bottle to properly clean the bottle and be able to carry it easily.

Leakage – Some of the bottles have special design to prevent leakages and other have specific assembly steps that need to be followed properly to avoid leakage. Milk being nutrient rich can cause hygiene problem not to mention the wastage of such precious food of your baby.

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