I have only about 12 weeks before my baby is here and I need a new nursing pillow. I for one loved my boppy. I got rid of it a while back when I wasn’t sure whether or not I would have any more babies. Well, now I am and I need a new nursing pillow. I saw one on Craigslist but I was in the middle of moving and I didn’t get a chance to go get it. Sigh. When I first got my nursing pillow, it was a blue boppy and it was about 7 years ago. Back then they came in about 3 colors, all solid and got kinda gross after a while. You could wash the whole pillow but that was about it. Now they make boppies in all colors and make removable covers you can wash! Woo hoo!

While you might think that any old pillow will do to support your baby during feedings, a proper nursing pillow is actually quite useful. It offers a supportive surface for baby, yes, but it also allows moms to maintain proper posture while nursing, which is essential for their health and comfort.

Benefits of Feeding Pillows

While you might be able to lift your baby to the breast so he can make a proper latch, it can be hard to hold this position for the duration of breastfeeding. That’s why pillows like the Bobby are good idea to purchase. They allow you to rest your arms on the pillow so you’re not supporting all of baby’s weight and helps to keep at least one hand free so you can more easily guide your little one to the breast and to make adjustments if necessary.

Sitting up straight is essential for good back health, but stooping over due to a lack of support during breastfeeding could even put extra strain on your nipples, causing pain and cracking.

Types of Pillows

For nursing, there are several different kinds of pillows available. Some are shaped like a “U” and bend around your waist during nursing. Others are intended to be placed beneath the breast so you can better hold your baby. No matter what kind of pillow you get, you should be able to remove it from your body quickly and easily with one hand. Much of the time, babies fall asleep while nursing and the last thing you want to have happen is to fumble around with the pillow and accidentally wake him up.

You will need a different kind of pillow if you’re nursing twins or a preemie. Always look for pillows that fulfill your specific needs.

Some pillows also come with a washable cover, which can come in extremely handy due to the likelihood of spillage and general mess accumulated over time.

Other Pillows

Often found near nursing pillows are a variety of other items you might need to bolster your baby. For instance, there are anti roll pillows that help to keep your baby in one position all night so he doesn’t accidentally roll over onto his stomach. There are also pillows for babies with acid reflux. They allow the baby sleep on an incline so he doesn’t experience uncomfortable reflux in the middle of the night.

There are even pillows designed to prevent a baby from getting a flat spot on his head. It’s common knowledge that you’re supposed to turn your baby over to prevent the head from forming lopsided. But this kind of pillow can take some of the emphasis off of this by providing a stable, yet not too firm surface for him to lie on.

Pillows for babies, nursing or otherwise, come in every color and pattern under the sun, so you’re certain to find one that matches your nursery and the decorative theme of your home. Most importantly, you’ll be sure to get the support you and baby need.

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My name is Eliza and I am the mommy of two girls, ages 8 and 4 and an almost one year old son. I want to help people so I am going to become a social worker, get my masters so I can be a licensed therapist. I try and be environmentally sound and eat healthy. Money doesn’t always allow us to eat as good as we’d like but we try our best. I believe in recycling everything I can, respecting all the people of the world and breastfeeding.

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