5 Tips You Need To Learn For A Healthier Bedtime Routine

If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with the nightly challenge of getting your kids to go to bed, and stay there. I know it’s not easy, but you have to know it’s for their own good. Kids must get enough sleep. Otherwise, they’ll have a hard time controlling their emotions. You know how irritable and […]

Developing the best Breastfeeding Diet

As all nurses, doctors and Mums say breast is best for both Mum and baby. Evidence shows that breast milk ensures babies remain healthier since the milk helps boost the babies immunity.  It also helps protect against infection by providing anti bodies to increase babies ability to fight common infections.  Colostrum is the milk that […]

7 Ways the Infant Stage Makes Me Grateful for Everyday Things

The infant stage makes us stop and marvel at the miracle of life; in a short nine months, a whole new person grows all of his or her perfect little parts and then bam: here our babies are. It’s a momentous thing, followed by a million magical moments in which we wonder how our hearts […]

6 Reasons Video Games Can Help Your Child with Studying

One of the first things you’ll hear some parents say with regard to video games is that they’re not good. In fact, with more and more children playing video games for extended periods of time these days, it can certainly be a major point of contention (and concern) for parents from all walks of life. […]

REVIEW: Baby wipes effective (despite complicated instructions)

“Remove a Facial Cleansing Cloth and gently cleanse your baby’s face. No need to rinse.” No, no, don’t help me. I think I can handle this. Just let me read those instructions one more time. Removing a Facial Cleansing Cloth and gently cleansing a baby’s face is not generally my bailiwick, but having been given […]