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We here at Tiny Smile are obsessed by all things babies! We think there’s nothing more exciting than preparing a room for your imminent new arrival and we spend countless hours searching the internet, looking for new ideas on how to decorate your nursery.

Whether it’s your first baby, or your twenty-first, preparing your home for their arrival is an exciting and magical time. But it can also be an overwhelming time – there are just so many choices to be made. What colours should you use on the walls? What furniture will you need? Where do you get it from? How to you put it all together?

That’s where we come in! We cover everything from furniture, to product reviews, to interesting articles on bringing up baby so that you can forget the details and focus on enjoying this beautiful time.

In the interests of total transparency, we should let you know that from time to time we’ll have links in here that will be affiliate links but, rest assured, we only recommend the absolute best products that we can find.