Do you travel with your kids a lot or going on vacation? Traveling with young children can be a difficult task if you are not prepared. Having these 10 essential products with you will help make your trip easier for you by keeping your kids happy!

1) Skip Hop Zoo Luggage

This is great for keeping all of your kids’ things in one place. Many kids like to be independent and want to have a suitcase just like mommy and daddy. This fun and colorful luggage with wheels will hold everything your child needs and make them feel like an adult.

2) Travel Games

Let’s face it, your kids are going to get bored at some point while you are traveling. Having some travel games you can pull out can be a life and headache saver. Memory games, travel bingo, and other easy to play games are a lot of fun and will make the trip go by much faster.

3) Griffin Crayola Cotton Candy MyPhone Kids Earphone

These headphones are beautifully colored and will allow you children to keep the noise to themselves. They are great for when your children want to watch a video or play a game on your iPad.

4) Pampers Baby Wipes

A must when you have an infant, but just as effective when they are a little bit older. Sticky hands, runny noses, and spills, they are all going to happen and a baby wipe makes for quick and easy clean-up.

5) Ergobaby Baby Carrier

This is perfect for when going to the airport with a little one. It allows you to carry your infant hands free, keeping one hand open for your suitcase and another to hold another child’s hand.

6) GoGo squeeZ Pouches

A great snack food for traveling in the car because it comes in a pouch. They taste great and perfect for younger children because they are hard to spill.

7) Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest

Kids love to take their pillows on trips but they are big and bulky. A neck rest is great because they are comfortable and portable. Perfect for in the car or on a plane.

8) Leap Frog Tag Reader

These are perfect for when you child does not know how to read yet and you can’t read to them. They have a headphone outlet so it won’t bother others on a plane and you child can listen to their favorite book.

9) Blooming Blossom Buddy Blanket

Your kids can get homesick and their security blanket will always make them feel better.

10) iPad Mini

Technology has come a long way and the iPad Mini is perfect for any trip. Your kids will probably learn to use it better than you and provides hours of endless fun and entertainment. Load some educational games and movies to it and you won’t hear a peep out of your kids until you get to where you are going.

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