Nasal congestion is very common in infants and young children. Nasal congestion can run down the back of the throat and cause a productive cough. Nasal congestion can run down the back of the throat and cause a productive cough. Parents are often concerned about their baby’s blocked nose and see them struggling to breathe because of nasal congestion. But in most cases nasal congestion will cause nothing more than a little aggravation for the baby as well as the parents. Young babies don’t know how to blow their noses and hence they need external help to clean their nasal passage. Parents can use saline nose drops to clear mucus or use a nasal aspirator; a device that sucks the mucus out of their nasal passage.

What is Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator is basically a small instrument that uses suction to draw out snot from the child’s nose. Nasal aspirators are very easy to use, affordable and help your baby breathe normally. There are three types of nasal aspirators available in UK market. They are :

  • Human suction nasal aspirator
  • Bulb nasal aspirator
  • Electric powered nasal aspirator

Human suction nasal aspirator:

This nasal aspirator comes with a tube at one end and a mouthpiece on the other end. It generates a vacuum when the mouthpiece is sucked. There is a container that catches all the snot and a filter prevents germs from reaching your mouth. Human suction nasal aspirator is quiet efficient and also popular, However, they do have the highest possibility of catching the cold of the infant because of the direct nose to air to mouth route.

Bulb syringe nasal aspirator:
Bulb syringe nasal aspirator

This is the cheapest nasal aspirators and are mostly used in hospitals.  They have a hollow rubber bulk at one end and a long nose with a hole on the other.  In order to use, squeeze the bulb and insert the tip into baby’s nostrils. As you release the bulb, it will fill itself by sucking in air along with the baby’s snot.  These nasal aspirators are cheap and does the work, but they are very difficult to clean. That means it becomes a fertile breeding ground for all manner of mold and bacteria which becomes a health hazard.

Electric Nasal Aspirator:

Electric Nasal Aspirator in UK

An electric nasal aspirator is the most easiest to use, it does not require any sucking or squeezing. This is an automatic type, You just need to push the button On and shove it up your baby’s nose and wait for the snot to drain.

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Best Nasal Aspirators For Babies in UK 2019

Here are the top 3 best basal aspirators for infants in UK. They have been tried and tested by mothers and are effective in bringing a quick relief to nose congestion.

Little Martin’s Drawer Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Little Martin's Drawer Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Little Martin’s Drawer portable nasal aspirator is hospital grade, sleek battery operated device. It is made of hard plastic and comes batteries, 2 silicone tips; a small one for children which is soft and firm and a large one for adults which is a little more flexible. This nasal aspirator uses a strong pump motor that sucks the mucus out of the baby’s nose. The device is light weight and simple one touch operation make it simple to use anywhere single-handedly.


  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Featuring a powerful motor and quality pump components, this nasal aspirator will remove stubborn mucus so your baby can breathe easier and sleep longer.
  • GENTLE OPERATION: Little Martin’s Drawer nasal aspirator generates enough suction to remove stubborn mucus while not harming your baby’s delicate sinuses. Two exchangeable nozzle sizes, molded of soft silicone, will always fit your baby’s nose comfortably.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Utilizing durable parts made of premium BPA and phthalate free materials, this precision device was made for hospital grade use.
  • EASY TO USE: It’s lightweight and compact design fits in the palm of your hand, and is controlled by the simple push of a button allowing for one handed use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Waterproof construction allows for heavy rinsing without damaging electronic components, while the internal silicone mucus collection cup and nozzle can be removed and boiled for sterilization.

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Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator

This is another great nasal aspirator that need to be operated by mouth. It features a soft silicone tip with a nozzle cover, which would prevent hurting the baby once you put it inside his/ her nose. Using the aspirator couldn’t be simpler. The soft tip goes up into the nose, while the parent gently sucks on the silicone tube. The snot then gets trapped in a small, filtered bottle for easy cleaning. It’s very easy to dismantle and assemble again for each clean. For something so simple, this tool works surprisingly well.


  • Super soft silicone tip sized to fit your baby’s little nose without discomfort
  • Unique tube designed to maximize suction and control
  • Free of harmful plastics
  • No batteries or filters required
  • A cute, compact carrying case to keep it clean and for traveling

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Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

Probably this is most popular baby nasal aspirator in UK. Arguable the best nasal aspirator you’ll find for the price. This device was invented by a Swedish doctor so you can have peace of mind that it is safe for your infant. It features clear tubing, so you would know if your pressure is strong enough to suck the snot. The product has replaceable filters, which is truly handy if you are too busy to wash anything. It is completely see through. This allows you to easily monitor just how much snot you are sucking out of your baby’s nose. Once you see the amount of snot coming snot sucked through the tube slow to a trickle, you will know you are done.


  • Mouth controlled.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Replaceable filters.
  • Clear tubing.

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