If you are a new mom or a mom to be, then there are certainly a lot of things on your mind! One of them definitely is finding “means of transportation” for your baby, because you won’t want to be away from him or her!

mom with baby carrierUp until now, baby carrier options were limited to just strollers and baby porters, but now things have changed! There’s a new and much better baby carrier option for you: the Baby backpack!

The baby carrier backpack is the best way to carry your baby around with you anywhere you go! It’s much smaller and lighter than a baby porter and way less bulky than a stroller!

Plus, it leaves your hands free to do other tasks while carrying your baby! What’s also awesome, is the fact that your baby will also love the baby backpack, because it will keep him or her close to his parent, providing a feeling of safety!

There are many baby carrier backpacks out there, so choosing the right one can be difficult and even confusing! In order to help parents to choose the safest and the best baby carrier in UK for their newborns, infants or toddlers, We have undergone the process of picking the best available products in the market.


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Variety of Baby Carrier Styles

A Baby Carrier is a common equipment for many parents nowadays. There are many reasons for preferring such a baby accessory. The main one is for traveling purposes and outgoing activities. Family gatherings outside or in other places become easier with the Baby Carriers ! The suitable Infant Carrier will offer great mobility and comfort to you and your little one . No more tiredness and stress for long hours ! Just convenient carrying .

The choice of the proper Back Baby Carrier is a bit complex since there are numerous types to choose from Each of these has fine fabric designs, peculiar styles and rather unique shapes! So, with such a variety of Baby Carriers, selecting the best one is a process that needs some time to devote to it, but it worth every minute ! Don’t you agree? Baby Sling is a common type of a Back Baby Carrier. It is formed by a cloth and is attached to the shoulders or hips of parents while the baby’s weight is supported.

best baby carrier UK

Ring Sling is another type of a Baby Carrier. It is completed using a lengthy cloth where one end of the cloth is sewn to two rings of nylon or aluminum. The cloth is wrapped around from shoulder to the opposite hip and back and is secured through the rings. Thus a pocket is formed where the baby will rest. This Baby Carrier Backpack is preferred because of its adjustability to wearer’s size. Another known Baby Carrier type is the Pouches. It is formed by using a wide tubular shaped fabric.

Simple pouche slings do not have rings but can be customized with the help of supplementary accessories like rings, buckles, zippers etc. This is attached over the head and one shoulder, creating a pouch to hold the baby in. Wraps are another unique type of Infant Carrier. It is formed by lengths of fabric wrapped and tied around both the wearer’s and baby’s body . Various changes can be made in the wraps . The wearers can hold the infant in front , back or even on the hip . Baby Carriers are invented from the Asians and are still of use !

For example the Chinese Mei Tai uses a square piece of cloth with parallel straps. Korean also have their unique type of a front Baby Carrier. The so called podaegi. It is a medium to large rectangular fabric hanging from a very long strap. Different styles and alterations of carriers are found in all over the world.

The final decision is on you ,of course. In case you are interested in buying a Baby Carrier you should pay attention especially to the safety of it since the wrong one may cause accidents, no parent would want for his precious child!

All You need to know about Baby Backpack Carriers

Baby Carrier Backpacks are especially popular among parents that are kept out of home for many hours and rather frequently. They are considered a very good choice since they provide a large amount of freedom and mobility. Baby Backpack Carriers are very different from the others made of cloth and are worn in the back. These Infant Carriers have suitable metal or plastic frame and can be worn in your back!

There may be a lot of cheap Backpack Baby Carriers in the market available, but they may not be the best. Why? Because they do not provide an effective support for your baby’s comfortable position especially if they are used for a long time period. On the other hand, the Baby Backpack Carriers of our reference, are manufactured by the same principles as the ones of mountaining backpacks! What is the difference? The weight distribution is made evenly in the back, so the weight is felt in the hips not in the shoulders or back.

That means less stress or pain for you! Now, if you are to buy a Baby carrier, you should choose a well-padded one in order to offer you and your child comfort ability. Also, it should have a high back, to support the little one and to be easily put on without any assistance. The straps are often adjustable but you are to pay much attention on how they are sown. There have been Baby Carriers that offer an extra cover for rain and sun. Backpack Baby Carriers are not always necessities but they are also used for older kids (over a year is best).

They are better than strollers, since they provide more mobility and safeness. Additionally, within the specific Backpack Baby Carrier, the little one will be able to have a good look of the surroundings as you walk with him. Last but not least, you are to feel safer having your child connected with you, in crowed places. The only difficult thing to do, would be to check what is doing from time to time. Unless you keep a small mirror on you in order to see him from the front!

Best Baby Carrier in UK Reviews

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Air
babybjorn air UKWhen it comes to back carriers backpacks, the brand new BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Air is definitely one of the most lightweight, compact and easy to use models on the market! Like all high quality BabyBjorn products, this too features a special ergonomic design that will make carrying it very easy and comfortable while eliminating the risk of back injuries and problems, what really sets the Baby Carrier Air apart from other models though, is the fact that it has been made using a special fabric that will keep your baby and you as cool possible, even during a hot summer day!

Also, thanks to its unique two piece design, you will be able to easily get the baby in or out of the carrier, without even waking it up in case it has fallen asleep! Furthermore, the Babybjorn Air is also very compact, which makes storing and carrying it, practically effortless! If you’re looking for a practical backpack baby carrier that will be as comfortable as possible even during the hottest of summer days, then the Babynjorn Air Baby carrier, is definitely the one for you! Impressed?

Key Features:

  • The Babybjorn Air Baby Carrier is made entirely out of fabrics that not only can breathe to keep you and your baby as cool as possible, they are also completely safe and non toxic
  • Thanks to its one of a kind mesh material, the Air Babybjorn Baby Carrier will expel all heat and moisture, keeping you and your baby as cool as possible even if you’re out durinh the hottest summer day! Furthermore, the mesh is really soft around the area that the baby’s head and face will be placed, for maximum comfort and safety!
  • Its specially designed and thickly padded shoulder straps you will be able to easily carry your baby for hours on end, without getting tired! You will also be able to freely use arms in the process!
  • The Babybjorn Air Carrier baby is equipped with a special pouch that allows you to store all kinds of items, making it a very practical and convenient baby carrier!
  • This baby carrier can be adjusted very easily in order to better accommodate the baby as it grows up!



Ergobaby baby carrier

Ergobaby Baby 2017 The Ergobaby Baby Carrier has been specially designed to keep you and your baby as comfortable as possible, at all times!

Apart from its special design, it has also been built using only materials of the highest quality and state of the art manufacturing processes, in order to make it as safe as possible for your baby as well as comfortable!

Furthermore, unlike other carriers, this amazing Ergo baby carrier can be worn in pretty much any way you like! You can either wear it on your front or on your back, like a normal backpack! No matter which way you prefer however, your baby will always be comfortable and your arms will be completely free, allowing you to use them to perform all sorts of tasks while carrying your baby, at the very same time!

Finally, the Ergobaby is equipped with specially designed shoulder straps as well as a waist belt! Each of those is also filled with a special foam to take away all the strain and weight transferred from the carrier to your baby! In short, you won’t even notice that it’s there while you’ll be wearing it!Impressed?

Key Features:

  • The Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier can be worn on your front, your back or even on your hip and the baby will be always as comfortable as possible! This means that you can change the way you wear it to accommodate the baby’s growth!
  • It can accommodate babies of all ages ranging from newborns, all the way till they time they become four years old!
  • Thanks to the amazing design of this Ergo Baby Carrier, its weight will be evenly distributed all over your body while wearing it! This means that you won’t get tired easily and it also minimizes the risk of developing back problems and pains!
  • It can easily fit in the trunk of your car for easier transportation!




BABYBJÖRN Original Baby Carrier
BABYBJÖRN Original Baby Carrier 2017

It is ideal for parents who have newborns. This will allow them have their babies with them every time. The ease of carrying their baby in comfort and style will encourage new parents to have a closer bond with their babies all the time. The materials that they use have passed international standard and is even safe for your baby to bite and chew during his teething stage. It is also soft and does not irritate the delicate skin of your infant.

Using this great carrier has several advantages. First, it has a head support that makes the baby safe. The design allows the parents to lift a sleeping child from the carrier without disturbing him. The carrier also allows the mother to nurse the baby discreetly. You can also nurse your baby while he is in this carrier, so, you do not need to look for a private place where you can breastfeed him.

Key Features:

  • Allows parent to have his hands free while carrying the baby
  • Can be buckled on easily
  • Have adjustments in front which makes it easy to put in or remove the baby
  • Made of materials that are certified safe and baby-friendly
  • Has excellent posture support that follows recommendations of pediatricians


Beco Baby Gemini Carrier
Beco Baby Gemini Carrier
The Beco carrier doesn’t come with an infant insert which is a good thing, since the body is small enough that it doesn’t actually need one! You can just cross the straps in an “X” behind your back, which you can’t do with any infant carrier. Most parents prefer to cross the straps, and they report that it works out great for them!

However, some people prefer having an insert especially, when they start doing back carries, because it feels more secure having them already clipped into the backpack baby carrier.

The bottom part of the body can be folded, making it even narrower so that very young babies can easily and comfortably ride with their legs out while also being in the correct sitting position, which is knees above the butt! When the baby grows bigger, you can just unfold the body, making it wider on the bottom.

The Beco Gemini carrier, also has a 4-5″ headrest which can be flipped up for head support and it also extends the body when your baby is bigger! You can also carry the baby facing forward if you want and he or she will still be in the correct position! Front facing carries may cause you backaches however if you do they last too long, so make sure you use a degree of moderation!

Key Features:

  • 4 in 1 baby carrier, front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, great for nursing and very direct contact intuitive
  • High quality test material
  • Very comfortable for both the carrier and the baby
  • Fully adjustable




Choosing the right baby carrier for your baby

Parenthood doesn’t come with an automatic cutback in chores, and baby carriers let you complete everyday errands without abandoning your parental duties. Assessing the key criteria will help you find your perfect carrier.

-1. Baby’s Age

One to four months.

Babies younger than four months can’t support their own heads. Their visual world is also limited by the fact that they see only a grey scale environment little more than a foot away. At this time, bonding is at its most intense. A front carrier deepens the attachment experience whilst supplying that all-important head support. Infant inserts and adjustable leg bars add comfort and support for tiny newborns.

Six to 12 months

When baby is sitting up, hip carriers, mei tais and backpacks support the additional pounds without limiting baby’s spinal development. At this age, forward facing carriers hang baby by the crotch, which is less than ideal for his back health. Backpacks and hip carriers also let baby enjoy his new, full color, long distance vision by facing him outwards.

The Toddler Years

By the time baby reaches her first year, her weight will become a strain on your back. Backpacks redistribute the pounds ergonomically, and balance weight evenly. Hip belts remove the load from the spine for less strenuous carrying.

The Best of all Worlds

Some carriers are designed to support newborns all the way up to their second year. They are generally soft structured, and can be adjusted to front, side and back carrying positions.

-2. Weaning Stage

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has documented too many sling recalls to warrant recommendation. Whilst they are inappropriate for long term carriage, they remain the best option for discreet breastfeeding. Nevertheless, babies have their favorite feeding positions. Pouches, wraps and ring slings are ideal for cradle holds. Mei tais, pouches and wraps are for babies who prefer upright positions. It isn’t unusual for infants with excellent head control to need additional neck support during nursing. Structured baby carriers are the ultimate solution for this.

-3. Ease of Loading or Ground Stability?

Freestanding baby carriers let you load and unload without a hassle. Non-freestanding models have kick stands that frame them for stability on the ground. It is considered unsafe to leave infants unattended in baby carriers, and modern non-freestanding models usually come with an unexposed frame for ground support. The sole way to find your personal preference is through trial and error. Friends’ and in store baby carriers give you hands-on time to find your favorite.

-4. Weight and Durability

Even the lightest baby carriers will cause strain if they have a poorly designed harness system. This feature conjures away both the carrier’s and the baby’s weight by redistributing it onto your strongest muscles. When buying a baby carrier for extended use, first prize is a lightweight carrier with a superior harness system.

Finding a Balance

The best baby carrier brands on the market tick all the durability, ergonomics and safety boxes, but choosing according to these three simple criteria will not necessarily meet all your requirements. The myriad baby carrier reviews online provide ample information about accessories and features that will best fit your personal needs.

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