When it comes to selecting the best toys for your children, consider modern or traditional wooden toys for them to play and learn. Why? Wooden toys are perhaps rare nowadays, not heavily promoted compares to their plastic counterparts but they made a significant contribution if we were to introduce them to our little ones! Below shares an insight of their 10 top benefits:

Natural and Safe
What else to ask for? Wooden toys is out from nature! Cultivating a sense of appreciation towards nature, environment and craftsmanship as some traditional wooden toys are painstakingly built by the woody men, at which indirectly expanding the children horizon to learn about livelihood and occupation. Being hand-made, these authentic wooden toys are unique and even painted, usually from non-toxic material if you source from reputable names.

Back in ole’ days we played with old wooden toys from rocking on the Arabian horse, serving cut ‘fruits’, counting beads on abacus, pulling cart, building  train track to pushing little cars, they are great toys designed to encourage development on motor skills as well as boosting hand to eye coordination particularly in early childhood when grasping, aiming, stacking and fitting pieces together are manipulated in the play.

Inspire Creativity
Unlike the plastic or electronic toys that can make lots of noise with only a click button away, wooden toys are quiet and unique whereby children get to think to make the most out of it. Being creative simply means playing with the same stuff in a new or unusual way, and this is what wooden toys are offering. Be difference and put play things in different perspectives.

Promote Imagination
By nature, the children tend to include their imagination into their play, blending in the ability to dream, empathy, improvise, remember, self-entertain and problem-solving when there is not much aid from the other stimuli such as light or noise from plastic toys. In order for a child to deal with emotion effectively, imagination does help to connect their feeling, dream and action, thus resulting in greater ability to handle stress in life.

Speaking of endurance, wooden toys are more lasting compares to cheap plastic alternatives that tends to chip or break apart easily since they are mass-produced. Put the smiles on the children’s faces and put the risk a bay by discarding the potential of unscrupulous  plastic materials that may contain BPA and phalates.

Relatively inexpensive
Finding cheap toys is easy but finding a good and cheap toy is not anymore. Comparing between a wooden and its equivalent from plastic world, sometimes we are lucky to stretch our dollars with wooden toys for they are being less complex, without fancy electronic components that hike up the cost of the toy.

Simple Maintainance
Being less complex means simplicity comes in the picture. Less crannies or tiny holes or edges that take up all kind of odd corners, bumps and wells that made cleaning up time consuming.

Remember one of the most popular wooden toys i.e. Jenga – the stacking tower with wooden blocks game? Contrary to the cheap plastic equivalents that often loose their shapes  and colors over time, these wooden blocks are fun to play anywhere, anytime, over and again, even for big kids (adults)!

Backing so much about all kind of wooden toys, I am not anti-plastic. Neither I hate the fancy electronic games nor technology and sophisticated gadgets. However, to achieve a balance in discovering our world, introducing a variety of play stuff including traditional wooden toys are essential to create an interesting childhood and keep growing up fun!!

Best Wooden Toys For Kids in UK

Below is the comparative chart for the top 10 wooden toys for kids.
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